Product Update- Lotion

RSL would like to inform our customers that our stock lotion bases have been adjusted and boosted for a higher antioxidant rating on the ORAC Rating Scale (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity). This translates into a more potent youthening and healing formulation, with a longer shelf life and decreased possibility for premature oxidation in your products natural plant oils.

The products include:
ASWB Facial Cleansing Souffle
L All Purpose Lotion
LALO Souffle Moisture
LAN Ultra Lift Night Treatment
LAS After Shave Balm
LBBC Smoothie Creme
LBBL Baby Lotion
LFL Foot Lotion
LGL Gardener's Lotion
LHCI Day Eye Moisturizer
LHME Hemp and Molasses Exfoliating Lotion
LHSP Pet Lotion
LMH Coconut Milk & Honey Lotion
LMS Massage Lotion
LOB Brightening Moisturizer
LOM Ocean Mineral Moisturizer
LOPF Paraben Free Lotion with Organics
LOR Retinol Moisturizer
LPC Peptide Complex Moisturizer
LPH pH Balancing Moisturizer
LS Natural Body Frosting
LTHC Custard Moisture Creme
LVC Vitamin C Lotion


Please call us at 503-366-3413 for any questions regarding this update.  You can view all these product descriptions on our website at

We wish you a Happy Holiday!