Properties of a Body Scrub

Posted by jeff on 9/1/2010 to Soaps

There seems to always be a huge variety of beauty products on the market. Most of these products boast that they are necessary to own if you really care about your skin, hair, body or beauty. While this may not necessarily be true, many beauty products can greatly improve your appearance.


A body scrub is one beauty product that can really improve the beauty and look of your skin. There are a few ways it does this. The main way is because it exfoliates your skin and gets rid of the dead skin layers that have built up on your skin.


Dead skin can make your skin look duller. Dead skin cells can also cause wrinkles to form when they have built up enough. A great body scrub will eliminate dead skin cells in an easy manner.


A body scrub is often compared to a body cleanser. While both have similar properties, and can be achieved through soap making, they are not the same bath product. When you do soap making you can create your own soap, body cleanser, or body scrub and not have to worry about having any harmful chemicals in them.


Keep your skin clean, but be careful what soap you use. You want soap that does not clog up your pores, or overly dry out your skin. Soap making allows you to come up with fun, new recipes that can help you out this way.


Body scrub is normally used while you are in the shower. Body scrubs are healthy options, which promote healthy circulation. They remove debris that builds up with dead skin cells. Body scrubs are a good choice for treatments at day spas.


It is recommended to only use a body scrub once or twice each week. If you use it too frequently you can end up with worse effects than when you originally began. Be sure that you choose the right size grain for the type of exfoliation you want.


Dont use such a hard scrub that your face is rubbed raw. Look for a scrub that will work the way you like. Remember that the smaller crystals will be softer on your skin, and larger crystals will be more aggressive.