Pumpkins Good for Skin

Posted by jeff on 9/9/2010 to Cosmetics

Organic products are gaining in popularity with consumers.  There are so many products out in the world that are being produced organically to meet this demand.  One form of organic products is in the skin or beauty department.

 As organic products are rising so is anti-aging products.  Many wholesale cosmetics are incorporating more anti-aging ingredients into their products.  It is therefore wise to combine both the organic demand and the anti-aging demand.

 One way to do this is through the use of pumpkins.  Pumpkins are a great source to anti-aging and can be grown organically.  There are several forms that pumpkin can be formed into to help the skin.


Pumpkin can be in the form of peels, extract, or oil from the seeds.  These ways have excellent common purposes. They all allow the skin the most direct absorption from the pumpkins anti-aging nutrients.   

 Pumpkins are great for the skin because they contain fruit enzymes and Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs).  Fruit enzymes and AHAs increase the turnover rate for skin cells.  This allows the younger and smoother skin to appear the why that wholesale cosmetics do.

 The average skin cell takes twenty-eight days to grow and appear on the surface of the skin.  As individuals get older, this process slows down.  It also slows down with stress, lack of sleep, and overexposure to the sun. 

 When the process slows down, the surface of the skin is covered with dead skin cells longer.  Pumpkin extract helps to make the skin cell process faster to scuff off the dead skin cells.  This allows for smoother, softer, and more glowing complexions.

 Individuals can achieve a younger complexion without using wholesale cosmetics.  Pumpkins can be home grown or bought in a special freeze-dried method at all natural stores.  Pumpkins no longer have a role in just Thanksgiving; they can be used from time to time in a skin renewal method as well.