RainShadow Fruit Tree Planting/Carbon Offsetting Event!!!!

We love to give you as many reasons as possible to feel wonderful about utilizing RainShadow Labs as your Custom Formulation House. It is for this reason that we are thrilled to present the first annual Fuit Tree Planting Event with RainShadow Labs and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, scheduled for May 25-27, 2007 in Portland, Oregon.

Our goal for the event is to plant between 80-160 fruit trees in two separate locations in low income neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. Fruit trees heal the environment by cleaning the air, improving soil quality, preventing erosion, creating animal habitat, sustaining valuable water sources and providing healthy nutrition. This event will help us to offset the carbon emissions created during our manufacturing process. RSL has committed enough resources to plant approximately 100+ trees.

We are extending the opportunity to offset your carbon emissions (created through the manufacturing process in the form of bottles, transportation, raw materials, electricity, natural gas et. al.). Seventy five dollars will cover the purchase, transportation, planting, fertilizing, irrigation, fencing, and up keep of one tree.

We would love to be able to plant one tree or two or three on your behalf at this event. To participate please contact Susan Kellar at info@rainshadowlabs.com and we will facilitate this tax deductible donation.

For even more information please go to www.ftpf.org.
Let us co-create an environment of sustainable abundance together.