RainShadow Labs All Natural Therapy Lip Balm

RainShadow Labs has a new favorite formula in the House…Therapy Lip Balm for deep healing and saucy shine.

Click below to purchase either the unflavored or Natural Vanilla Flavor version:

QVLB Natural Therapy Lip Balm

QVLB-VAN Vanilla Therapy Lip Balm

Great for everyday lip protection. This all natural Therapy Lip Balm contains a natural Sun Protection Factor of 18. The extreme staying power of RSL Therapy Lip Balm lasts through swimming, drinking, eating, and I dare say even kissing! You will be astonished. It just won’t wear off and yet somehow it continues to maintain a soft supple shiny finish that makes your Perfect Pout the Star Attraction on your summer visage. Lauric Acid nourishes sensitive lip tissue deeply and thoroughly and African Shea Butter creates a protective seal on the lips for a safe and satisfied pout in the most extreme summer conditions. Sun, Surf, and Sand will bow to the authority of this Lip Balm, and at the end of a fun filled day under Gods Great Lamp in the sky, all lips slathered with this Superb Smile Schmear will continue to be plump, protected, and perfect! Subtle enough for men to use as well.

Call Customer Service at 503-366-3413 for a sample in Natural Vanilla or Unflavored or click here to go directly to the website:

QVLB Natural Therapy Lip Balm

QVLB-VAN Vanilla Natural Therapy Lip Balm