RainShadow Labs Business Development Newsletter Series: Brick By Brick Part II: Catalyzing Idea into Action!!!!

This is the second of a series from RainShadow Business Development whose intent it is to provide our customers and community with insight and inspiration in order to build companies with enduring value(s)!

The word catalyze in Webster’s Dictionary means to ‘bring about or to inspire’. Our business development work with entrepreneurs has demonstrated to us time and time again that the next step beyond a great idea or vision is action. This step is often met with fear, confusion and uncertainty which often arise to thwart the manifestation of the idea. Acknowledging your fear and then moving into action with the methodical process of writing business plans, establishing goals and accompanying timelines and tasks will manifest the idea into form.

Call RSL Business Development today (801-502-7863) or you can email Tim at tim@rainshadowlabs.com if you would like support in taking the action necessary to bring your big idea into form—and as always we remain “In service to our customers, our community and our planet!”………..(and remind us if we forget!!!!)