RainShadow Labs Revolutionizes Facial Cleansing...for YOU!!!

We offer up to you the latest in skin care. Cleansers traditionally are a bit drying and stripping for the natural oils that protect the skin from aggressive environmental factors that degrade the health of your skin cells over time. As well, the natural pH mantle of our skin is thrown off balance with chemical surfactants, and even saponified oils. For this reason, we have created a revolutionary skin cleanser suitable for ALL skin types. MDC, our Deep Cleansing Oil, may be exactly what your customers have been waiting for. Yes, it is counterintuitive. Oil?! you say…on my FACE!!! Here is what one very satisfied client has to say…

“For many years, I searched for a facial cleanser that would soothe and clean my extremely sensitive face. I was always left with red, irritated patches of dry skin. My face would flake
around my nose, eyebrows and hairline, not just in the dry winter months, but throughout the year. It was ugly and painful. No matter what soap or "dermatologist recommended" facial cleanser I tried, nothing helped. Not even plain water. After using Cleansing Oil to clean my face for just a few days, my skin was literally transformed! I can not imagine going back to traditional cleansers after such a transformative experience using Deep Cleansing Oil on my face. Thank you so much!”

And another transformed customer says…

“Fifteen years of my life have been spent trying everything that my dermatologist could throw at me…Retin-A, Differin, Cetaphil, Accutane, Benzyl Peroxide, Murad, Proactive, Laser Treatments, Mama Lotion, Antibiotics, etc. My skin was broken out, inflamed, irritated, aging prematurely, rough, bumpy, and very unattractive. Using Deep Cleansing Oil once a day has finally given me the complexion that thousands of dollars worth of professional skin care could not. My skin is smooth, even toned, free of breakouts, and much younger looking and feeling. I am thrilled with this product.”

Our Cleansing Oil is free of preservatives, and acts very gently to cleanse the skin without stripping the natural oils that protect the skin. Because oil attracts oil, excess oil is gently lifted off of the skin, along with dirt and other impurities. One major ingredient in this product is Organic Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil very closely mimics our skin's own natural sebum, and so is readily accepted into the epidermis without clogging or overwhelming the skin. Jojoba Oil is actually a liquid wax, not an oil, and will not interact with the skin in the same manner as an oil. Jojoba rates zero on the comedogenic scale. This means that it will not breed acne forming bacteria, nor will it clog or obstruct the pores of your skin. Jojoba will retain moisture, protect the surface of the skin from oxidation and elemental damage, and it will promote cell renewal and regeneration. It enhances the natural moisturizing properties of skin without oxidation or rancidity and also supports the skin to retain its own natural moisture. Olive oil and white camellia oil refine and heal the skin for a show stopping performance on your FACE!!

Here is what our very own Susan, Director of Operations, has to say about our Deep Cleansing Oil…

“I have been a long-time sufferer of acne and blotchy and red skin. I have been on heavy medications to take away my acne and I have since tried to find the perfect skin care regime. This process involved trying pretty much any face wash, exfoliator, crème, etc. that I could find on the market and that we could possibly make here. In January of this year we launched our Goddess line and launching a full line of products means that I have 32 new samples of products sitting on my counter at home that I need to try in order to be able to sell it to my customers. So, I tried them all for about a week at a time and really liked them. I thought the G2NG Organic Glycolic Anti-Wrinkle Scrubbing Wash was going to be my new favorite face wash as it worked wonderfully and I liked the jojoba beads in it! So, I took some time off from samples then when I only had 1 product left that I hadn’t tried I decided I needed to just use it. This product was the MDC Deep Cleansing Oil. I had put off using it because putting an oil on my face?!?!? Why would I want to put an oil on my face as the “wash” when I was trying to minimize and control the oil? Knowing I couldn’t sell it without knowing what it was really like I used it. I immediately threw away EVERY other face wash or scrub that I had in my bathroom! This stuff is amazing! I have never had such dewey, glowing, clear skin ever! Not ever! I wash with it every night- it takes off make-up beautifully (less work than I have ever had to do with any other cleanser); it doesn’t ever sting my eyes; it leaves my skin so soft my husband comments on it; and my face has never looked or felt better. Our MDC Deep Cleansing Oil is truly the only wash I have used on my face since and I will never go back. I now have my best friend, my pre-teen daughter and my friend’s daughters using it. I know it sounds ridiculous and totally counter-intuitive, but it is really the BEST FACE WASH EVER!! Now buy some and you can have the best face ever too! “

Our Deep Cleansing Oil blend has been carefully formulated to precisely balance cleansing oils alongside moisturizing oils. Powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory actives, and Omega fats calm and sooth skin. Sea Buckthorn Oil turns back the clock while hemp oil prevents bacteria from taking root. Tamanu oil is revered for its anti-aging and healing properties, and Passionflower oil has been used on Princesses and Queens to keep skin clear, smooth, tight, and fresh looking and feeling. These specific oils purify and gently dissolve all makeup and impurities while respecting skin’s integral balance. Our particular blend of oils are unique and exotic, and extremely youthening. It is suitable and WONDERFUL for all skin types. Try it yourself, and be transformed.

MDC Deep Cleansing Oil:
Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Oil), Olea Europaea (Olive Oil), Organic Passiflora Incarnata (Passionflower), Cannabis Sativa Oil (Hemp Oil), Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, Calophyllum Inophyllum (Oil of Tamanu), Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn Oil), Triticum Vulgare (Wheat Germ Oil).

$90.00/gl                            $80.00/gl in 5-gallon quantities