RainShadow's Customized Private Label Experience for Brand Clients

The herbal skincare industry is growing, and retailers looking to stay ahead of the trend are offering their customers private label products. According to Grand View Research, the organic skincare market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% until 2025 and reach $135 billion by 2021. In addition to the growth seen in the organic skincare market, private label sales are skyrocketing. In 2014, 17% of all items purchased at multi-outlet or convenience stores were private label products.

Private label partnerships benefit small businesses by helping them establish a brand and attract new customers. Medium sized businesses that are looking to escape stagnation can shake things up and gain more control over their inventory with a private label brand. For 35 years, RainShadow Labs has helped businesses launch high-quality private label campaigns. We offer retailers premium skincare products that we manufacture in our US-based, 100% wind-powered labs. Coffee shops, gyms, massage parlors, spas and other retailers have experienced growth after launching a private label line of skincare products with RainShadow Labs. Visit our website or call (503) 366-3413 to get started.

What Makes RainShadow Labâ€â„¢s Private Label Different?

As a retail manufacturer, RainShadow Labs offers private label custom manufacturing of skincare products, lotions and more. We also have a direct line of wholesale skincare products for those who want to fill their inventory with premium products or experiment with DIY projects. A successful private label brand is contingent on product quality, and over the years, we have perfected our manufacturing and ingredient selection process in order to produce industry-leading skincare products.

Every RainShadow Labs skincare product is made from proven effective ingredients. We meticulously formulate and test all of our formulas to make sure each one meets the standard of being effective and pleasant to use. Our products are gentle on the skin, made with natural and organic ingredients, and are always cruelty free.

In addition to our premium products, our friendly customer service team sets RainShadow Labs apart from other private label manufacturers. Our consultants can suggest helpful resources to brands who arenâ€â„¢t sure about packaging, labeling, or ingredients. Those who already have a product prototype or a specific product idea can work with our team to manufacturer wholesale private label items. Retailers who have a general idea of what they want their product to do or look like can work with the RainShadow Labs team to find a skincare product that meets the needs of their customers. For more information about who we are and the kind of products we make, visit our catalog.

Take the First Step Towards a Successful Private Label by Calling RainShadow Labs!

Any of the products listed in the RainShadow Labs catalog can be reproduced in bulk or modified for private label branding. Call our team at (503) 366-3413 for an obligation-free consultation. Ask about our samples, packaging and labeling vendors, and our eco-friendly ingredients.