Raw Cosmetic Ingredients

Every time you purchase a skincare product, you are trusting that it was formulated with your best interests in mind. And while your chosen cosmetic product may serve its marketed purpose, like moisturizing your skin, for example, it may be doing so with cheap, artificial ingredients that are less than ideal for your skin. The ingredients that make up your cosmetic skincare are what makes or breaks the efficacy of the product, and when you put products on your skin that include harsh chemicals and ingredients, you can end up doing more harm than good. Learn more about raw cosmetic ingredients and how they benefit your skin.

When you use cosmetic skincare products from RainShadow Labs you are giving your skin the very best. Why? Because we use real, tried and true ingredients that actually work in our FDA registered, Whole Foods Standard compliant manufacturing facility. We have an extensive list of raw ingredients to choose from included in our stock and private label product offerings.

Why Choose Organic?

One of the primary benefits of using organic raw ingredients in your skincare products is that they can produce a skincare formula that works hand-in-hand with your skin's natural cycle of repair and regeneration without blocking pores or slowing down the cycle with unnatural chemicals.

Your skin is one of the strongest organs in your body, and it is constantly creating new skin cells to replace the old, dry and shriveled ones. This process can be slowed or interrupted by things like sun damage, regular ageing and other factors. By using organic and/or natural raw ingredients in your cosmetic products you end up helping your skin to do its job better by providing it with easy to utilize ingredients that penetrate to the cellular level, boost collagen production and help with cellular turnover.

Additional benefits to choosing natural and organic skincare come from the sustainability of the ingredients used. When you choose products from RainShadow Labs you are choosing sustainable manufacturing processes and products. All of our skincare is produced in our wind powered facility located in the heart of St. Helens, Oregon along the beautiful Columbia River. Many of our ingredients are sourced right here in the Pacific Northwest, and many more from the greater United States area.

When you use products from RainShadow Labs you can feel good knowing the ingredients you are using are actually meant for your skin. Learn more about the raw ingredients we offer and our private label process.

Raw Ingredients

Our raw ingredients span across a variety of raw materials ranging from apricot fibers to carrot seed oil and plant peptides. Each of our ingredients has a different purpose for your cosmetic use and you can refer to our ingredient directory to learn more about each one.

We offer over 60 raw ingredients for both wholesale purchase and private label. We are one of the few skincare manufacturers that not only uses raw ingredients in our products, but also wholesales them to our clients.

Our raw ingredients can be used in formulas for virtually all parts of the body, from the hair to the feet. Our lotions, creams, serums, hair products and bath products are all made with our natural, consciously sourced ingredients by our knowledgeable and experienced product development team.

Private Labeling

We offer both private labeling and buy direct services with sizes ranging from two-ounces up to fifty-five-gallons. You can also purchase our ready to use stock products in our Buy Direct store for easy private labeling as well as personal use.

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