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As you take a moment to catch your breath this Holiday Season, here are a few tasty nuggets for you to chew on. We know that you will be planning your 2008 product revisions and additions right about NOW! With this in mind, here are a few potent regenerative ingredients to consider adding to your skin care formulations. It’s all about innovation folks, and that is why you have chosen RSL to partner with you in this quest for the best ever skin care product lines!!

Acai…Pronounced “Ah-sigh-ee”, we welcome this Super Hero into the skin care toolbox and Anti-Aging arsenal. This berry has taken the natural beauty industry by storm. Upon discovery of this fruit’s extremely dark pigmentation, antioxidant levels were measured and found to be “off the hook”. We all know that antioxidants are the key to keeping skin youthful. By keeping inflammation down and maintaining the integrity of cellular structure and collage health in the skin, Acai is the latest and greatest antioxidant in this field. Acai has an ORAC rating that is four times greater than its nearest competitor. Its only rival at this point is chocolate. Imagine a Chocolate and Acai serum, crème, or masque with Green Tea and Red Wine Polyphenols. Watch Acai turn back the clock and support your results driven skin care line to outshine the rest!

Spirulina… Oscillatoria, a genus of Blue-Green Algae is commonly found in freshwater environments. A species of freshwater blue-green algae, also known as Spirulina, has recently become well known as a food supplement as well as a powerful treatment for arthritis. Beyond this, Spirulina is a powerful cellular rejuvenator when applied topically. High in Pantothenic Acid, Spirulina does wonders to shrink pores as well as resolve acne breakouts and symptoms. Pantothenic Acid restores clarity and firmness to the skin in a bio-available form that an extract of this B-vitamin complex is unable to achieve. Spirulina is also a wonderful skin hydrator and collagen booster. Spirulina is high in all 18 Amino Acids and this provides powerful building blocks for your skin to restore itself. Affordable and the world’s oldest primordial food and protein source, Spirulina deserves a spot in your star studded ingredient line up.

This RainShadow Labs “nibblet” is brought to you by our dedicated team of Magic Makers. We all wish you the zaniest, silliest, and most ridiculous Holiday ever, and a New Year covered with garlands of giggles and uproarious hilarity.

Thank you for choosing RainShadow Labs as your Custom Formulation House.
We remain faithfully in service to you!!

See you in 2008!!!