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Rockrose Essential Oil (cistus)  (EO82)
Rockrose Essential Oil (cistus) (EO82)

Rockrose Essential Oil (cistus) (EO82)

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Cistus Ladanifer Resin Extract


Solvent Extracted from flowering tops

The spiritual Rockrose oil, otherwise known as Cistus Absolute or Labdanum is extracted from the flowering tops of the Rockrose plant, a beautiful shrub native to the Mediterranean region. It is considered one of the ancient spiritual oils and thought by many to be the “Rose of Sharon” mentioned in the bible.  The resin was used frequently in Ancient Egypt as an incense and perfume where false beards worn by pharaohs were often steeped in the hair of goats that had collected Rockrose plant resin while they grazed.  It is also a component found in Neriko, a Japanese incense blend that has been in use since the 7th century. 

The aroma is dry and leathery with notes of sweet and spicy with a touch of amber. Its richness and complexity make it a powerful incense for contemplation or meditation.  As a spiritual oil, rockrose is known for its uplifting and soothing properties that can awaken and warm what has become cold within.  In skincare, Rockrose is soothing and works to help the skin appear even and smooth, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and ease the appearance of stress-related worry lines.

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