Skin Care Industry

Our 32 years of experience has taught us which trends will fade quick and which will stick. Don’t get caught on the wrong end of the trend. We can diversify your product line and keep tried and true formulas basics that are never going out of style, while instantly giving you the trendy pop that is in for the season. Partnering with us for your private label manufacturing will give you the inside edge on trends in the industry.

Natural Skin Care Industry

The natural skin care industry is on the rise, as more consumers are doing research and realizing that artificial ingredients don’t nourish skin as well as natural ingredients can. Because of this, 73% of millenial women look for natural skin care products. Using natural skin care ingredients will help you reach a broad consumer base.

Natural Personal Care Industry Statistics

Organic Skin Care Market

Last year, 23% of consumers switched to only buying organic skin care products. This means that the industry needs to change or lose nearly a quarter of their customers. Many old school companies are just now beginning their research and batch testing for organic skin care products. RainShadow Labs has been crafting organic products since 1983, and has already created the best formulas out there. If you are looking for a manufacturer for your organic line, call us today.

Anti Aging Skin Care Market Size

Anti Aging products control a large portion of the skin care market. It’s value is expected to grow to $331.41 billion by 2021. Rapid growth in this market is expected as more consumers are researching before they buy, and are thus more familiar with the real benefits of anti aging products.

The demand for organic anti aging skin care is constantly increasing, and many retail stores can’t keep up. RainShadow Labs offer ready to label organic anti aging products so that you can get your product line ready to sell as fast as possible. Browse our anti aging selection in our Buy Direct store.

Skin Care Trends

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