Skin Care Types and Products

Finding the right skin care product for you can be difficult and overwhelming. With so many creams, gels, toners and serums to choose from, it is often hard to tell which one will give you the benefits you need without drawbacks. Perhaps you tried a gel that irritated your sensitive skin, or a cream that clogged your pores and prompted a breakout. If you are like most people, these past experiences probably left you leary of trying new products and desperate to find answers about what your skin needs. Our guide below outlines the natural ingredients that we consider our go-to fixes for balancing each skin type.

Oily Skin Products

Charcoal cleansers draw excess oil out of the pores to purify the surface of your skin. Light moisturizers like pure aloe will absorb quickly after cleansing to replace missing oil. While you should avoid heavy moisturizers, skipping moisturizing after cleansing will backfire when your body tries to overcompensate for lost oil. Our products will remove excess oil and help prevent recurrence.

Acne Prone Skin Care

When caring for acne prone skin, it is important to replace pore clogging oils with light oils that provide moisture. A jojoba oil wash or cleanse will help achieve this, because jojoba oil can replace your skin’s natural oil without clogging your pores with dead skin cells. Gentle exfoliation is also important, as it will help remove the dead skin cells before they can clog your pores. Try our active charcoal purifying scrub to exfoliate and cleanse your face.

Acne Scar Creams

Creams for acne scars should include vitamin A to promote cell turnover. When your skin can replace the dead, scarred cells with new healthy cells, it will begin to transform from dull to dewy.

Dry Skin

Treating your dry skin can leave you frustrated, as even the “extra rich” moisturizers do nothing but sit on top of your skin like an oil slick. While petroleum and lanolin based products are traditional, they lack the healing ability of natural plant based products. Pure Rose Water sprayed on the face can help rehydrate the skin, while our PH Balancing Moisturizer can protect your skin from further dehydration. Try out our delicate moisturizers to rejuvenate your skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Causes of Dry Skin on the Face

Washing with products that strip your natural oil barrier can leave your skin defenseless against the elements. You must avoid heavy soaps and instead use gentle cleansers. Try using one of our antioxidant washes to prevent dry skin.

Combination Skin Care

When you are trying to balance between oily and dry, it is important to focus on products with all natural, non-irritating ingredients that won’t cause your skin to act up. Gentle cleansers without soap should be used and followed by a toner or serum to even out the skin’s surface. Our Facial Cleansing Souffle combines all of these elements into one product to save you time on your skin care routine.

Sensitive Skin Care

The calming powers of Chamomile are not limited to a bedtime tea. Chamomile can also soothe distressed skin. We offer skin care products that take advantage of this herb’s abilities.

When choosing a product for sensitive skin, what is left out of the ingredient list is just as important as what is included. Never use products with sulfates or parabens, as they can trigger unwanted reactions from the skin.

Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Our aloe wash was designed with sensitive skin in mind. It doesn't have any harsh soaps that will leave your skin feeling irritated.

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Try our paraben free moisturizer combined with chamomile essential oil for a new and rewarding moisturizing experience

Aging Skin Care

Aging skin benefits from Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and AHA’s because of their ability to promote rejuvenation of the skin. Hyaluronic acid also benefits aging skin by providing maximum moisturization and plumping.

All Natural Skin Care

RainShadow Labs produces skin care formulas for every skin type. We use all natural ingredients, which results in products that have a gentle application that is safe for everyday use. If you are interested in trying our products, you can order them from our Buy Direct store. New customers can receive 3 free samples!