Skin Care for Fall

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/16/2012 to Health

Fall is here and that means we all need to make some changes in our skin care routine. Wearing heavier fabrics, long sleeves and running the heater can all take a toll on your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized without making it greasy can be a delicate balance but there are some great solutions using natural ingredients. Look for products containing these natural oils to keep your skin looking luxurious in any season:

  • Sweet Almond Oil - This moisturizing emollient has been a favorite of massage therapists for years. It can be used to soften dry skin and relieve irritation and itchiness.
  • Jojoba Oil - High in nourishing vitamin E, Jojoba oil also has healing properties to help rejuvenate weathered skin. It has a long lasting effect and closely matches your skin's natural chemistry.
  • Shea Butter - This healing oil repairs skin even better than jojoba and can offer protection from the damaging rays of the sun. It is high in vitamins A and E and is great for your hair.
  • Avocado Oil - Packed with essential fatty acids, avocado oil is great for people suffering from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It contains high amounts of vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E and works great with sensitive skin.
  • Wheat Germ Oil - This versatile product can help improve your skin from the inside and out. It is present in lotions, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. It has antioxidant and regenerative properties that help keep your skin looking young and healthy. It can improve many skin conditions and even help with scars.
These are just a few of the many natural oils that can help keep your skin healthy. Choose one that's right for you and keep your beautiful summer time skin year round.