Soak Your Cares Away with our Mineral Spa Crystals

Mineral Spa Crystals are a high quality mineral bath offered to you by RainShadow Labs. Mineral salts are the key ingredient in this formula and are known for softening the skin and relaxing sore muscles.  The Mineral Spa Crystals sold by RainShadow Labs are of the highest therapeutic quality and their coarse texture makes them easy to incorporate into baths and soaks. Blending in essential oils will boost the therapeutic aspect of Mineral Spa Crystals for a healing custom formulation.

Minerals Salt is mainly made up of magnesium and sulfates. Many modern diets are deficient in magnesium and sulfates, but they are very important minerals. Increasing levels of magnesium may help to improve heart and circulatory health, flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells, improve nerve function by regulating electrolytes, improve the body's ability to use insulin, raise the body's levels of serotonin which reduces stress and elevates the mood, improve sleep and concentration, regulate the body's enzymes, improve oxygen use, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle pain and inflammation, and help muscles and nerves to function properly. Sulfates are also necessary for good health. Sulfates are used by the body to flush out toxins, improve the absorption of nutrients, form joint proteins, brain tissue, and muscle protein, and to help prevent and ease migraine headaches.

The best news is that magnesium and sulfates are readily absorbed by the body externally. This means that soaking in a bath with our Mineral Spa Crystals is not only enjoyable, but is also good for you!

Mineral Spa Crystals soften the skin, soothes aches, reduce swelling and inflammation, exfoliate the skin, remove odors, draw toxins from the body, sedate the nervous system, relax the muscles, provide relief from joint soreness and arthritic pain, and are natural emollients. Unlike other salts, ours do not leave the skin feeling dry. On the contrary, Mineral Spa Crystals leave the skin with a soft and silky texture.

Ask us to blend any one of our 200+ organic active ingredients, essential oils, and even Dead Sea Salts into our Mineral Spa Crystal base for a knock out custom product. This salt is bio-degradable and will leave no residue. This product will not upset the pH balance of your spa, and can be used in tubs/spas with jets. The superior quality combined with the natural efficacy of this raw ingredient should not be overlooked as an essential addition to your private label line. Your customers will thank you.

We do thank you for being a part of our RainShadow family.

C Mineral Spa Crystals- samples, as always, are just $2.95 each or you can order spa crystals by the pound starting at just 10 pounds.

10 pound price: $1.60 per pound
50+pound price: $1.50 per pound

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