Spa Facial Products

With so many personal care products to choose from, it can be hard to find the right ones. Spa customers deserve the best products with all-natural ingredients. Spas who fill their stock with RSL private label or wholesale products can rest assured that they are supplying their customers with premium beauty products.

Since 1983, RainShadow Labs has manufactured and distributed organic beauty products out of St. Helens, Oregon. We use 100% renewable wind power to manufacture our spa facial products, and our FDA registered lab will ensure that each customer is getting a product with the most natural ingredients possible. We care about providing quality innovative natural science through skincare to individuals and communities, and our wholesale options allow spas to affordably stock their back bar.

Grow Your Business with Private Label Products

It’s important for a business to have a manufacturer they can trust. Formulating and manufacturing a product requires different types of skills and effort than marketing and distributing. Partnering with the right manufacturer can help grow your business. Clients are better served when they receive the best products made with organic ingredients.

Once you envision your ideal product, Rainshadow Labs will formulate, manufacture, package and send it to you. Unlike other manufacturers that send pre-designed products to various customers, RainShadow Labs will customize each product so that it represents your brand vision. We take pride in providing the highest quality to our customers and communities, and our value is reflected in our no-waste, FDA approved, cruelty-free operation.

Customize Your Products

In addition to selecting organic skincare cosmetics from our extensive wholesale line, businesses can customize a private label product straight from our labs via custom formulation. At RainShadow Labs we are constantly working to find new ways to make the most outstandingly effective natural skincare, and we are prepared to consult with you to help you meet the needs of your brand.

The active ingredients in our face and body lotions allow them to penetrate the skin and get to work. Anti-aging lotions, antioxidant eye creams, and acne sensitive face washes are products that need to be made with nature’s best ingredients because they are going on your skin. Spas and other retailers can customize each order by filling out forms on our website and describing what exactly they want their product to do. For those who’d rather buy directly from our premium selection, there are various spa facial products that are organic and affordable. Customers who want to buy in bulk will also benefit from wholesale pricing.

Call Rainshadow Labs Today!

Finding the right product doesn’t need to be difficult. With RSL’s private label option, you can work with experts to design your own. Grow your business by picking the right manufacturer to deliver quality products at an affordable price. For questions or a free consultation, call our offices today at 503 366 3413, or visit our website to browse our inventory of organic skin care items.