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Spearmint Essential Oil (EO26)
Spearmint Essential Oil (EO26)

Spearmint Essential Oil (EO26)

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Mentha Spicata
steam distilled from leaves
Spearmint is basically a more understated and gentle version of Peppermint. Because it contains lower levels of menthol, it is suitable for use on children and those who are more sensitive. Spearmint is powerfully antibacterial, and it can be used to help treat cuts and wounds, in dental care, to clean the house and in the diffuser. It has been found to effectively inhibit the growth of various types of dangerous bacteria, and the ancient Greeks actually used it to help in the treatment of wounds. It also helps to alleviate sore muscles, as well as menstrual and other muscles cramps. As an aromatherapeutic oil, Spearmint dissolves mental stress and tension.