Still here, even if you can't see us…..

Some of you may have noticed that our entire website has virtually (no pun intended) disappeared.

It was there ….. and now it is not!

The RainShadow Labs website is currently under repair.

Please know that we are working diligently to resolve the issues at hand and hope to have the site up and running in short order.

Know that all RSL Direct orders can be placed by phone at 503.366.3413, with a live RSL customer service representative between 9am and 5pm daily, Monday through Thursday; as well as all RSL Contract Manufacturing.

Please know that our beautiful web site will be back up in no time at all, so do not despair, as we have certainly NOT run for the hills, or the Bahamas…. and left you all stranded and alone. This is a temporary glitch in the system and will be rectified shortly.

Please email or call 503-366-3413 for further assistance or just for some reassurance and comfort.
We appreciate your patience as we resolve this issue and thank you for you continued support!

You are NOT alone.
We are STILL here!
All is well!
Have the best day ever.
We remain in service to you.