The Benefits of Having Us Fill for You

The Benefits of Having Us Fill for You

Googling companies that provide custom formulation and private label products can net you hundreds of leads. All of these companies are claiming to have the best, most efficient services out there. How do you ensure you are contracting with the best? RainShadow Labs is governed by a commitment to service for our customers, community and planet. There are many benefits you can expect to enjoy when choosing RainShadow Labs. A few of those are:

  • We do the work for you
  • We ship direct to you
  • FDA registered facility
  • Choose the packaging you want
  • Create exclusive customer loyalty
  • Competitive pricing

Choosing RainShadow Labs gives you a dedicated team that work hard to ensure your success; when you succeed, we succeed. We are a 100% wind powered, state of the art facility and use the latest, strictest quality control standards in the industry. Every employee at RSL is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients; we want you to have a good experience through every step of the process.

Choose RainShadow Labs for Your Custom Fill!

We have hundreds of brand clients all over the world who custom manufacture and fill their products with us for their discerning customers. Don’t waste your time on companies without proven track records. For more information, call 503-366-3413. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.