The Benefits of Using Our Stock Products for Private Label

The Benefits of Using Our Stock Products for Private Label

Often beginning a private label business can feel overwhelming. Formulating your own products on top of packaging, labeling and marketing can just be too much. At RainShadow Labs, it’s our goal to make this process as straightforward and streamlined as possible. There are benefits of choosing a pre-formulated product line for your private label brand.

  • You choose the size and amount
  • Mix and match from hundreds of formulas for any number of needs; hair care, essential oils, candles, scrubs, lotions and creams (and many more)
  • Tried and true formulas have proven success and stability
  • Wholesale pricing for lucrative returns
  • Faster time to completion since they’ve already been formulated.

We have worked with companies from all over the U.S. and abroad to fill orders large and small. We utilize innovative technology and time honored techniques to bring you the best products on the market today.

Why RainShadow Should Be Your First Choice

When googling manufacturing companies for your private label line, you are likely faced with hundreds of options. Finding the right company can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Here are some of the things you’ll love about RSL: 100% wind-powered facility, biodegradable packaging, state of the art equipment, strict quality control standards, vegan formulas, organic formulas, in-house shelf life testing, FDA registered and never tested on animals.

Choosing RSL could be the best decision you make for the future of your private label business. Our friendly customer service team will help you through product design and formulation through to packaging and shipping options.

Begin Your Private Label Order Today!

Don’t wait to begin your private label business, we have stock products ready for your customized business label and name. Preformulated with natural ingredients, tested for safety and purity and packaged to your specifications; we have a winning combination. RSL successfully works with companies all over the world. Don’t go it alone, choose a company with a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction. Call our friendly customer service representatives today at 503-366-3413.