The RainShadow Labs ‘Community’ participates in planting 850 fruit trees on the Havasupi Reservation in Arizona!!!

Congratulations and profound thanks to all those who participated in this magnificent event. Together with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation we successfully donated more than 850 fruit trees to the Havasupi tribe and created a community orchard of 108 trees for the entire tribe to enjoy.

The rest of the trees were distributed and planted in residential backyards, improving the nutritional outlook for the tribe as it mainly relies on canned goods and other imported supplies. We created the first town in the world where every family has abundant access to fruit trees, and it truly wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank God for all the amazing plants that sustain life on this earth.

We received such an amazing response from the tribe, and they have conveyed their gratitude for, in their own words, helping ease some of the suffering of their people through this project. Thank you all!!!! Attached you will find links to a photo album and video documenting the event.