To Our RainShadow Community: A RSL Business Development Special Offer!!!!

180 DEGREES in 180 MINUTES!!!
Make the turn now and open yourself up to a new perspective!! Sign up to participate in our Business Development Spring Cleaning Event!!!!

Facilitated by Tim Johansson

We have had the honor of consulting with many of the members of our business community and the feedback we get consistently is that it is incredibly valuable to engage outside perspective in order to create clear vision for the road ahead. As is always the case our intention is to guide you to personal and professional success and fulfillment.

For the next 60 days we are offering a business development spring cleaning—together we will sweep out the cobwebs—and enhance the success and fulfillment of your personal care product business (and your life). This program “180 degrees in 180 minutes!!” will support you to see with a new set of eyes and will allow you to step outside of your business and your life for 180 minutes—just time enough to renew your purpose and vision and to see and act with objectivity and clarity.

180 DEGREES in 180 MINUTES!!!
For $180.00
(This is a $300.00 Value!)

Sign up today and you will receive a package of 180 minutes of RainShadow Personal and Professional Development coaching sessions including a FREE!! 30 minute consultation!

Do you have the courage to invest in yourself and in your dreams?

Are you available to the support that will manifest your dreams?

Are you prepared to truly own your business (and it will no longer own you)?

Are you ready to develop 20/20 personal and professional vision; combining clear purpose and clear action for perfect results?

If you answered yes to these questions then call RSL @ 503-366-3413 or email to set up your 180 X 180 coaching series.