Triple Acid Line Launch


Your customers want skincare they can customize.

More and more consumers are educating themselves about skin and beauty. And more and more are realizing that to get the best results, they need individualized skincare.

It's why some brands have more than one product line.

Why so many of us have multiple products from different brands. 

And it's why we created our new FirmX Triple Acid Peel line!
This triple-acid exfoliating line features four products that use lactic, malic and glycolic acids.

Lactic = firm and hydrated.
Malic = even tone.
Glycolic = smooth and fresh.

Each product progresses in intensity- so your customers can choose the right one for them.

X1 Jojoba Peel: This is a gentle and creamy peel. It looks like a thick, opaque white mask and has a bit of kaolin clay in there to help with texture and detoxification.

This is the best formula for very sensitive skin, or for those who want more regular use out of it. It also has vitamin E and oat seed extract, sandalwood and Japanese honeysuckle. 

X3 Rosehip Peel: This formula is still gentle and mild, but not so mild that it could be an everyday treatment.

Like the X1, this formula has a creamier base, but with the addition of a small amount of tiny bits of olive powder exfoliant (so you can also use it as a scrub!). It also has Rosehip seed and CoQ10, wild geranium and rose. 

X7 Pomegranate Peel: This peel is for those who want a more aggressive exfoliation. It also has fermented pomegranate enzymes and olive exfoliant.

Which makes this a really cool triple-action face product! There's also pomegranate seed and frankincense oils, hibiscus and jojoba. 

X10 Peel: This is the strongest product of the FirmX line. Sensitive skin peeps should stay away. But those wanting a kick butt resurfacing experience will love it!

It has olive seed powder like the X7. As well as algae and seaweed extracts, MSM and lavender. And aloe and jojoba to help keep it balanced. 

Facial peels are a very effective medium for accelerating cellular turnover. They're usually much stronger than a regular exfoliating mask. And can cause days of peeling.

We formulated our FirmX line to be accessible for all skin types. With minimal to no peeling. So your customers don't have to go to a med-spa or write off facial peels altogether. 

The entire FirmX line is perfect for a spa or beauty school back bar.

And each individual product is available for private label. So you can choose the exact one that's right for your brand.

Send Emily an email. Or order your samples today.

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