Under the Umbrella- Fruit Trees are Planted!!

RainShadow Labs and several customers (Thank you!!) sponsored a very successful fruit tree planting event this past weekend. 

Our goal for the event was to plant between 80-160 fruit trees in two separate locations in low income neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. Fruit trees heal the environment by cleaning the air, improving soil quality, preventing erosion, creating animal habitat, sustaining valuable water sources and providing healthy nutrition. This event will help us to offset the carbon emissions created during our manufacturing process. 

Thursday's event was held at a local learning nursery in Portland.  This is a facility that supports the local neighborhoods and the local schools with fresh food all year long.  While we were there planting we were joined by two groups of teenagers from a local junior high to help plant the trees.  They were taught about proper soil preparation, trimming the roots and life-long maintaince of the trees. These same kids will come back to water, prune and harvest the fruits and vegetables from this learning garden.  One of the goals of this garden is to provide over 5000 pounds of fresh, local, organic food to the families and schools in that neighboorhood and RainShadow's trees will help support that goal.

Many of our customers did sponsor trees for this event but there are many more trees available for sponsor. If you would like to claim one of the trees please contact Susan Kellar at info@rainshadowlabs.com and we will facilitate this tax deductible donation.  The cost is only $75 and it covers the purchase, transportation, planting, fertilizing, irrigation, fencing, and up keep of one tree. Please make your checks payable to FTPF so that you can receive your tax receipt.

For even more information please go to www.ftpf.org.

Let us co-create an environment of sustainable abundance together and enjoy the picture of us and others from our community hard at work!