Updated, Improved, and Simply Fantastic

RainShadow Labs has clearly identified what we do best after 26 successful years as the Premiere Custom Formulation House in the Personal Care Products Industry. Aside from Sustainable Practices that are the signature of this company; aside from the efficacy and innovation that RainShadow Labs is known for; aside from the triple bottom line approach to business that includes people and planet in our definition of success; aside from a string of truthful product and manufacturing claims that include vegan, kosher, biodegradeable, natural, made with organic ingredients, manufactured with 100% renewable wind power, packaged in recycled and recyclable materials, filled, labeled and packaged by Adults with Disabilities for the last thirteen years, and no animal testing ever supported or practiced; aside from unbeatable Custom Service; aside from Premium Manufacturing Practices, FDA Certification, and complete Quality Control processes; and aside from award winning formulations year after year; aside from all of these legitimate claims…… what makes RSL your Custom Formulation House OF CHOICE is that we make order out of your chaos better than anybody else does!

With this in mind, we proudly welcome you to the NEW and IMPROVED RainShadow Labs web site. Take the time to browse through Custom Manufacturing. You will discover online forms, drop-fill descriptions, weights and measures, additional features page, step by step outlines of how to work with us, minimums, quote forms and processes, vendor links, and so much more.

If you look closely you will notice that alongside of Custom Manufacturing, which has made RainShadow Labs what we are today, we now offer an online direct purchasing option called RainShadow Labs Direct. You can now order everything from:
o samples to raw materials,
o candles and serums,
o essential oils,
o butters and crèmes,
o gels and scrubs,
o and more all online, 24 /7

Every skin, body, hair, home, pet, bath, or facial need is addressed on RSL Direct with extended and updated product descriptions, new product additions, simplified category listings, and an easy to use search feature. For home businesses to family and personal skin and body care needs, RSL Direct provides an affordable option to continue to purchase sustainable quality at manufacturers prices.

We remain faithfully in service to you… our customers, our community, and our planet.

Who loves you?!

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