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Looking for incredible Skin Care solutions? RainShadow Labs Will Help You "C"!

RainShadow Labs has developed a premium base of Vitamin C formulas including a potent Vitamin C Serum. These formulas are designed for all skin types and will provide the most advanced skincare benefits. We have sourced the best highest quality raw materials and have combined them into a lush and effective line of Vitamin C formulas.

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The cutting edge of skin care research shows that exposure to environmental elements like sunlight, smoke, and air pollution affects the skin. A comprehensive Vitamin C program can help the overall look and feel of the skin. Sunscreens are also an important part of the skincare process, although they cannot do it alone. When used together, Vitamin C and sunscreensOxidative damage chart promote overall vibrant and balanced looking skin.

Some Vitamin C is available to the body by oral ingestion, but many individuals do not achieve even the minimum daily requirement through diet or supplements. Furthermore, Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body, and so must be reintroduced into the body AND skin on a daily basis. With this in mind, Private Label Manufacturer RainShadow Labs and their team of scientists and formulators have refined ways to stabilize and deliver additional amounts of key Vitamin C to the skin. Continued research has demonstrated that properly formulated vitamin C combinations work synergistically to provide enhanced benefit. 

Optimized Vitamin C

The RainShadow Labs vitamin C formulations are superior to most of the C products on the market due to our use of a uniquely stabilized vitamin C called Stay C 50.

Stay C 50 is water-soluble and is in a salt form. It is easily converted to Vitamin C by skin enzymes. Ascorbyl-palmitate is the more commonly used form of vitamin C in skin care formulations today. It is more stable, meaning that it will not yellow the product base as quickly. The reason that RainShadow Labs does not use ascorbyl-palmitate is that it is not as easily converted to Vitamin C by the skin. It remains in the ester form for a longer period of time. This is not optimal, as we want the skin to convert the provitamin form and use the C right away!

What good will a vitamin C concentrate do for your complexion if it cannot actually benefit the skin?

So what we are saying here is that the more commonly used ascorbyl palmitate is more stable but less bioavailable to the skin. RainShadow Labs uses Stay C 50 at concentrations that may turn the base a light cream color over time. That is because the Vitamin C is active. The main reason the palmitate version was created was to avoid the yellowing in formulation but really had nothing to do with the skin efficacy. We are only interested in efficacy, and if we have to watch a product turn a light yellow in order to have the best skin care available, well, so be it!!

Fine Lines And Wrinkles

RainShadow Labs Topical Vitamin-C products, including our Vitamin C Serum can be utilized by the skin almost immediately. Because these Vitamin-C products were developed as a with the goal of protecting the skin from further environmental damage, the skin will benefit the moment the Vitamin-C is applied. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will become less noticeable. Individual results will vary, depending upon the condition of the skin at the time of initial use.

Most individuals find the ideal time to apply Vitamin-C is in the morning, but you can also safely use it at night, as it stays on the skin for up to 72 hours, and cannot be washed off. Using the RainShadow Labs Vitamin C products once a day should be perfect for optimal results. Do not let the slight sting upon application scare you. The high acid levels are necessary in order for the Vitamin C to be utilized. Other products with AHA’s can still very safely be used alongside of our Vitamin C formulations, and will actually be greatly enhanced by the addition of these products. Samples are available per your request. The question now remains….

To C or not to C?!

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