Posted by RainShadow Labs on 5/30/2014 to Private Label Skin Care

Of all the spectacular healing properties in Helichrysum Essential Oil, from treating sports injuries to soothing the nervous system, this little golden bud is perhaps best known and celebrated as an anti-aging and skin-healing powerhouse!

Helichrysum Oil plumps collagen, diminishes wrinkles and heals adult and teenage acne scars with almost unbelievable success.

The secret to its impressive abilities comes from organic compounds called diketones.  Diketones regenerate tissue and stimulate cell growth.  Due to it’s high diketones count, Helichrysum oil gives sagging skin and thin dermal layers an injection of new life.  It transforms the skin into a plump, fresh and young complexion! Helichrysum flowers are informally known as the Immortelle (meaning “Immortal”) because after topically applying this oil, that’s exactly how the skin looks!

Quite literally, the name Helichrysum means, “turning to gold.”  The prefix heli- comes from the Greek word helisso, meaning, “to turn.”  Chrysum, the suffix, comes from chrysos, meaning “gold.”  This dainty relative of the sunflower does turn its body to face the golden rays of the sun, but the name has even more meaningful implications.

When cut and dried, Helichrysum does not lose its vibrant golden color.  Could this be because the DNA of this flower, its “turning helix”, is also made of precious ore? Indeed, this everlasting yellow flower holds enough radiant sun energy that when applied topically the skin most certainly “turns to gold. ”

Part of Helichrysum’s fantastic potency is that it is almost exclusively a wildcrafted oil. Whatever is grown in the wild has intelligence and vibrancy from living within evolutionary spurring environmental elements.  Wild harvested plants contain more life force and more strength because they have been tested by Mother Nature and survived! This translates into greater, shimmering, golden healing for the skin.

The anti-aging and beautifying powers of Helichrysum flower are also matched by unbelievable scent.  It’s deep, honey fragrance blends with the body pheromones to produce a scent that is sweet, but also human.  It’s a good bottom note for combining with other essential oils like Bergamot, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lavender, Geranium, Rose, Myrrh, and Frankincense.

We’re honored to offer to offer this special oil!  We encourage you to pick up Helichrysum Oil. “Use and Believe!”