Posted by RainShadow Labs on 6/23/2014 to Private Label Skin Care

There’s a secret to crafting products that deliver splendorous beauty, smell like heaven and impart a feeling of miracles.  That secret is called a hydrosol!

Hydrosols, also known as flower waters, are made using the same process as essential oils.  Plant material, i.e. flower petals, stems or leaves, are placed on a perforated plate and steamed from below.  As steam passes through the plant, it picks up the biomedicinal aspects of the plant and travels to a cooling pot where it is condensed back into water.  After the essential oils have been syphoned off, the result is a hydrosol.  Hydrosols are wondrous healers and beauty additives because they contain their source plants entire plant profile.

The profile of a plant encompasses that plant’s biochemical makeup, molecular geometry, evolutionary intelligence, and spiritual gifts. Together, these elements offer medicinal properties, sensory enjoyment and total beauty.  Rose hydrosol is one of the best floral waters because the rose plant has the most magnificent plant profile

Biochemically, rose hydrosol contains over 300 organic compounds!  Each of these compounds does something wondrous for the skin!  Rose hydrosol balances and tones the dermal layer, shrinks pores, heals broken capillaries, reduces inflammation and skin redness, and even subdues eczema and herpes.  Rose Hydrosol is considered a total beauty floral water and recommended for use in any personal care product made for gorgeousness.  

Rose hydrosol’s anti-viral, anti-septic, and anti-bacterial aspects come from the geometrical imprint of the rose.  When the steam passes through the rose petals and buds, it takes on the rose’s molecular configuration.  Every element has a molecular, geometric configuration – from viruses to ocean water.  What make rose hydrosol effective against viral and bacterial infection is that the rose’s geometry is powerful and complex.  It overtakes and deconstructs the geometry of viruses and eradicates them.  The rose’s deeply anti-viral properties are what make its plant profile nothing less than miraculous.

Above all else, even its magnificent evolutionary history, rose hydrosol is prized for its uplifting, spiritual benefits.  Considered the most important flower on the planet, the rose has been venerated for over 5,000 years by poets from Rumi to Shakespeare.  The flower is said to bring beauty, luxury, wealth, and purity.  Its fragrance can shift depression, anger, grief, fear, nervous tension, and stress, and replace those feelings with ones of harmony, relaxation, love, and devotion.  No other flower on the planet has this kind of spiritual benefit.

Hydrosols have almost endless utility.  They make unbelievable toners, misting sprays, deodorants and linen refreshers.  They also work in personal care products in place of water.  If your product calls for an aqueous solution, use a hydrosol to enhance your product with plant life.  Rose hydrosol has complete versatility.  Its immaculate profile insures that it works anywhere and everywhere you want to use it!