Posted by RainShadow Labs on 7/24/2014 to Private Label Skin Care

The most phenomenal element in sandalwood hydrosol is the pure life-force it holds.  It’s full of that essence that makes things vitalized and sparking.  And it is this life force that allows sandalwood to heal and beautify so effectively. For over four thousand years, people have prized sandalwood oil for its skin-care, medicinal, and meditative benefits. When sandalwood essential oil is not appropriate for your personal care product, its hydrosol offers the same potent benefits with lighter fragrance and a lower cost.   

Sandalwood hydrosol operates as a multidimensional water-based delivery system for the therapeutic properties of sandalwood. What makes this hydrosol so amazing is that it contains the entire evolutionary, genetic, biochemical, and spiritual intelligence of the steamed plant. In the case of sandalwood hydrosol, the brilliant unstoppable stream of life that is sandalwood’s intelligence infuses your skin with its magic.  

The sandalwood tree is a potent evergreen that grows everywhere from the desert to the tropical regions, from 8000 feet elevation to sea level.  It is resistant against disease, environmental damage, and even competition.  So strong is the heart and soul of this plant’s life that sap from the tree can be harvested even if the tree has been dead for years.  It’s this wild, abundant life-force that makes sandalwood such a miraculous beauty antidote and healer.   

For over four thousand years, people have prized sandalwood for its incredible skin-care benefits.  Its evolved ability to thrive in any environment is the same ability it has to encourage regeneration in the skin, combating wrinkles, sagging and dullness.  Drought resistant, sandalwood is a magnificent moisturizer, making skin soft, smooth, supple and with an otherworldly radiant sheen.  Biochemically, its disease resistant qualities also make sandalwood effective for treating acne, rashes, wounds and scars.

It is impossible to speak of sandalwood without talking about its spiritual qualities.  Sandalwood has long been used for meditation.  The majority of the sap in a sandalwood tree is pooled in the stump.  This suggests a grounding energy of sandalwood and how it emotionally and psychically calms the system by rooting it into the earth.  So soothing is the sandalwood essence that it is used not only for meditation, but also for romance.  An exalted Indian practice is to spread sandalwood paste on the body of a bride-to-be the night before her wedding. This nourishes her skin, but also calms her and acts as a mild aphrodisiac.  This important ceremony prepares her for the sacred and amorous day ahead of her!

Prepare your skin for the radiant beauty it’s capable of. Sandalwood hydrosol is a natural skin care gem. Its exotic nature and powerful infection fighting compounds keep your skin clean, bright, and tight. When used in your private label skin care formulations, it proves itself to be the anti aging secret weapon you’ve been searching for.