What's A "Dry" Oil?

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 11/28/2016 to Oils

One of the things that initially turns people off from using large amounts of oils on their bodies, hair and faces is the sometimes overly oily and even heavy feeling that can come from the oils. Some people dislike it so much that they even turn to less optimal private label skincare products just because they don’t want to deal with the oily feeling that comes from using pure plant lipids. Thankfully, there is an alternative! And better yet, it’s not even that much of a compromise. It’s called a “dry” oil, and they’re nature’s solution for those of us who don’t want to feel so oily but still want all the beautiful benefits that come from using plant oils in our skincare.

So what exactly is a dry oil? A dry oil is a plant lipid that sinks into the skin and hair faster than most other oils. They are called “dry” oils because they sink in so quickly it’s like the oil was barely there in the first place- except that your skin feels extra soft and nourished once you’ve put it on. Dry oils are great for all over use, and are especially suited for private label formulations like beard oils because they don’t sit on and weigh down the facial hair but instead soak in quickly to both the hair and skin- all while providing the styling, toning, moisturizing and nutritive benefits of plant lipids.

Some of the best dry oils you can use in your private label and personal skincare are Hazelnut, Rosehip seed and Jojoba oil. All three of these oils soak into the skin quickly and leave it feeling soothed, soft and juicy. Hazelnut oil is especially suited to private label formulas that target the hair because it is also great for maintaining hair color, while Rosehip seed has long been touted as one of the reigning members of the anti aging skincare elite. Jojoba oil is actually very similar in its chemical composition to your skin’s own sebum and so is extra easily absorbed and utilized.

Some people find they like using dry oils best when combined with a small or even equal amount of a normal oil to balance out the dryness that can accompany regular application. Pay attention to your skin and adjust as needed to create a skincare regimen or product line that works for you. Whether you use them alone or blended with other ingredients to create private label skincare formulas, you’re sure to appreciate their light, non-greasy nature.e.