Wholesale Beauty Supplies

Wholesale Beauty Supply Products

Beauty products have only grown in popularity since it was first created. The amount of people who use skincare treatments or facial masks has increased, and it isn’t with women only. Men have started to look after their skin more and this can be seen in the amount of beauty items being released every year. Men are being seen in stores usually reserved for women and asking for creams for themselves.

Thankfully, there is a better way for you and your partner to find the tools you need. Whether it’s making sure you have a tube ready for yourself or to stock your store up, we can fulfill your order. RainShadow Labs has been working with only the best equipment since we opened our doors over thirty years ago. It’s one of the reasons why we have worked with hundreds of shops, from spas to coffee shops. Furthermore, there are good reasons to buy in wholesale rather than individually.

Why Should I Buy Wholesale Beauty Supplies?

Buying in wholesale has become the new way of shopping. You see it done in the quite popular store known as Costco, where you can buy enough rolls of toilet paper to clog a school’s plumbing system for a reasonably set price. Other stores are starting to see the benefit of selling their product in wholesale, as well. However, we’ve been seeing how truly helpful it is for people, businesses and entrepreneur to buy their product from us in wholesale.

The main way wholesale helps out is the fact you are getting a lot of one product at an affordably lower price. We’ll even be able to make a customized formula just for you, were that something you wanted. We will create something you will be truly satisfied with, and, if not, we will work hard to create something better than before.

Although, if you do see ingredients you want to use in our variety of different materials we can always combine them. Once you’ve established the formula is perfect you can look toward our wholesale program to buy an amount to last you months, or days in your store. The best part is, our ingredients won’t cause any harm to your customers or yourself.

Organic Wholesale Beauty Supply Products

At RainShadow Labs, we only use the best materials. This can be attributed to the fact we live in an incredibly lush environment, where beautifully grown food and plants can thrive. Being located in St. Helens, Oregon has allowed us to maintain this type of business model, because of our easy access to locally farmed ingredients. Of course, not everything can be grown in the usually cool-climate of St. Helens.

When a demand for plants—or food—typically grown in other places of the country, or even internationally, are requested we will ship them to our state-of-the-art lab. There, we will ensure it is properly mixed and distilled to be used in our products. To guarantee nothing is thrown away or wasted, we make sure to reuse everything in some way. It’s our 100 percent waste-free promise. It’s why we use wind-power to maintain our lab.

Looking through our list of available items you will see we offer a variety of beauty products, such as; creams, lotions, facial masks, massage oils, fragrances and candles, essential oils, scrubs, shampoos and conditioners, and much more. However, facial masks have been appearing more frequently lately, particularly because of its way to cleanse and moisturize the face. For instance, one of our most popular products is our anti-wrinkle resurfacing serum.

This serum avoids any harmful chemicals; allowing the food and plants inside the formula to help your body naturally fight against the aging process and rejuvenate its skin. The strong humectants within the mixture prevents any moisture loss and helps trap in moisture at a thousand time more effective rate. Your skin will feel nourished and healthy; making you feel like a brand-new person. However, were you to be the type of person who has frequent acne or sensitive skin, we also have something for you.

Our Acne/Sensitive Face Wash is helpful to anyone experiencing unseemly break-outs or have a constant need to moisturize. Preventing any sulfates from its development and only using the most organic ingredient helps your skin fight off any unwanted dryness. Our MSM will help your body naturally repair skin damage and drive important nutrients further into your skin. This will prevent any of the blemishes normally experienced during the day.

Additionally, were you the type of person who would want both of these powerful results we can make a concoction to fit your needs. We can help you with any list of problems were you to have, but you need to contact us for this to happen.

Where to Buy Wholesale Beauty Supplies?

RainShadow Labs has been making beauty care products for over thirty years. We’ve been able to work with all kinds of consumers and each one has been satisfied with the results. Not only do we make our products using only the best, natural and organic ingredients, but we can back it up through our credentials. Being FDA registered has only enforced the high-quality standard we live our lives by.

You will be able to supply your store with your hand-picked or custom-made formula for weeks at an affordably rated wholesale price. Going straight to the source—instead of a middleman—will make you more money in the long-run, while also cutting down on unnecessary costs. None of your customers will have adverse effects to the components used to make our products, because we test all of our products on ourselves before we ship it out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a foaming gel for the face or a massage oil to relax, we affirm our products are of high-quality. Contact us now for help designing your final product or to learn more about our wholesale program.

Where Should I Buy My Wholesale Hair Products?

Trying to find a place to obtain high-quality natural and organic hair products can be difficult. It doesn’t need to be, especially when there are places willing to make a customized formula for you. RainShadow Labs has been satisfying customers for the past thirty years and this can be attributed to our promise of sustainable and efficient ingredients. Being powered with 100 percent renewable energy avoids any of the unnecessary waste caused by other companies.

We’ve been able to work all kinds of businesses for a reason, and we can attest to the quality of our products. Doing everything in our state-of-the-art lab prevents any outside contamination, and allows us to test everything ourselves. After all, if we aren’t satisfied with the results we are positive you aren’t going to be, either. Contact us now to learn more about our private label and wholesale programs. Of course, you are welcome to search through our pre-formulated line to see if there’s anything catching your eye.