Wholesale Beauty Supplies

Buying quality skincare and beauty products can be expensive. High quality ingredients, packaging costs and an increasingly competitive market all contribute to rising costs of natural and organic skincare. In response to this trend, we created RainShadow Buy Direct, an online marketplace where you can buy natural and organic skincare at direct from the manufacturer prices. Learn more about wholesale beauty supplies from RainShadow Labs today!

When you use RainShadow Labs for your beauty supplies, you have a plethora of skincare options at your fingertips. We sell wholesale organic beauty supplies and make all of our products in an FDA certified and wind powered facility. All of our products are formulated and tested to be effective and inspired skincare solutions for you and yours.

Benefits of Wholesale

Buying wholesale has become an increasingly popular way to get more of what you need for less, ranging from bulk food purchases to beauty supplies. While you may not be looking for bulk beauty supplies for your personal use, our wholesale offerings are also available for private labeling under your own brand and consequently provide a way to private label without going through the more lengthy and costly custom formulation process.

One of the primary benefits of wholesale is not just the money you save, but also the money you can make offering quality natural and organic products to your clientele. All of our products are natural and organic, which ensures that you are giving your clients high-quality products. Additionally, we use biodegradable or recyclable material for all of our packaging, making it easy to properly dispose of the empty containers.

Organic Options

At RainShadow Labs we carry over 160 certified organic actives as well as hundreds of other natural active ingredients. While the options can seem overwhelming, our beauty supply experts can help determine which ingredients will meet your needs.

Many of our ingredients are locally grown, harvested and processed right in our home state of Oregon. Many others are sourced locally throughout the U.S. As a result our ingredient quality is able to maintain a freshness that is hard to achieve from ingredients sourced further away.

You don’t have to buy lesser quality products because of their lower price and easy accessibility. Get the quality, quantity and cost you want with wholesale beauty supplies from RainShadow Labs.

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If you want more information about our wholesale process, have an idea for an organic product you want to private label or just want to talk to one of our wholesale beauty supply experts contact us today!

You can also call our St. Helens, OR office at 503.366.3413.