Wholesale Bulk Essential Oil Supplier

What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils are plant essences that have been extracted directly from the plants. Our lab carries mostly vapor distilled essential oils. Vapor distilled essential oils are made by passing steam through the distiller that contains plant. The steam then carries out the plant essence in the form of a hydrosol. The hydrosol is separated from the essential oil, essentially providing a water essence and a volatile oil essence of the plant.

Some essential oils we carry are known as absolutes. Slightly different than essential oils that can be used in skincare, absolutes do best in perfume and scent-based projects.

Best Essential Oils

RainShadow Labs offers the best essential oils on the market. We never import pre-formulated oils from unsupervised factories in order to guarantee the utmost quality; all of our sources are high quality and trustworthy. When you order essential oils from RainShadow Labs, you can be sure the oil was produced in a manner that meets regulatory standards.

Therapeutic Grade

All of our essential oils are therapeutic grade, and are suitable for topical application and/or aromatherapy.

Organic Essential Oils

We offer a wide selection of oils made with organically grown plants. Don’t compromise your values with conventional oils, order our organic oils today.

Pure Essential Oils

All of our oils are pure, and we never add fillers or weaken our oils in any way. RainShadow Labs’ oils give you the potency of the plant, in a 100% pure essential oil.

Wholesale Essential Oils

RainShadow Labs can supply your business with the essential oils it needs to reach a broad customer base. We have a huge selection of single oils as well as unique blends that offer therapeutic benefits. If your customers are looking for quality essential oils, look no further than RainShadow Labs to supply the demand.

Bulk Essential Oils

RainShadow Labs offers essential oil sizes that range from half an ounce to 16 ounces. These sizes preserve freshness, and make hauling the oil through your house or office easy.

Why Buy in Bulk?

By ordering essential oils in bulk, you always have a supply of fresh oil on hand. You don’t have to stress about running out of oil half way through your recipe. You can also bottle the oils in your own packaging for resale.

Beauty Products

If you like to include essential oils in your beauty products, order our oils in bulk so that you always have enough on hand for your products.

Soap Making

Essential Oils are the backbone of scented soap recipes, providing indulgent scents and unique benefits. Our bulk oils are perfect for your soap project.

Household Goods

While your skin may only require a few drops of oils per day, to reap the benefits of essential oils throughout your whole house, a larger supply is often needed. Order our oils in bulk to keep your home fresh and inviting.

Private Label Essential Oils

RainShadow Labs is proud to offer quality essential oils for private label distribution. If you are interested in selling your own line of essential oils, contact us for a no obligation consultation. One of our expert consultants can help you get your line started. Call us today at 503-366-3413, or email [email protected] for more information.

Buy Online

Purchase wholesale essential oils in our Buy Direct store. We offer single oils and blends for every occasion.

Bulk Quantities

You can order half and one pound bottles of essential oils in our store.