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Your skin goes through a lot every day. It's your first line of defense, protecting you from environmental pollution, free radicals in the atmosphere and more. As a result of this, your skin can easily get damaged due to the stress it takes on and fights off. So give your skin the refreshment it deserves with skincare products that heal, soothe and restore, like our wildcrafted and raw shea butter. Learn more about wholesale shea butter today.

At RainShadow Labs, we work in an FDA approved facility that is dedicated to zero-waste and sustainable practices. We offer both wholesale and private label skincare made with natural and organic ingredients that work. Our raw and wildcrafted shea butter is one of many phenomenal botanical skincare offerings we carry.

Our Wholesale Shea Butter Products

Shea butter has continued to become increasingly popular in the last few years as a common skincare product and ingredient. We offer our customers raw, fair trade and organic Shea butter because, to put it frankly, it's the best. Here's why:

Shea butter starts out as a nut that grows on Karite, or Shea trees in 19 different African countries found within the "Shea Region". The shea butter we use is a natural, off-ivory color and rubs into the skin smooth and silky. For those who want another shea butter option, we also offer cold processed refined shea butter. Even though it is not exactly the same as truly raw and unrefined shea, it is the next best option due to it being cold processed. This allows the shea butter to have a whiter appearance and more neutral aroma while still retaining its beneficial properties otherwise lost with regular processing techniques.

We are proud to offer our 100% shea butter products that are minimally processed and thus deliver the most benefits for your skin. Some of these benefits include:

  • Skin softening
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Moisturizing
  • May help protect against sun damage
  • and more!

Our Shea products give your skin the vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids it needs. We offer two pure Shea products and additionally offer multiple products that include butter in them. Some of these products include:

  • Wildcrafted Raw Shea Butter
  • Cold Pressed Refined Shea Butter
  • BBC Body Butter
  • Bruise and Scar Cream
  • and more!

Shea Wholesale For All Your Skin Care Needs

Wholesale skincare is one of two purchasing options that RainShadow Labs offers our clients. It's so common for natural and organic skincare products to have large price mark ups that make them too expensive. We are able to remedy this by offering our stock products in our Buy Direct store with direct from the manufacturer prices. These are suitable for both personal use and for utilizing in your own private label.

Wholesale Shea Butter Distributor

RainShadow Labs is your trusted wholesale Shea butter distributor. We have been in business for 30+ years and are the trusted provider of this wholesome, responsibly sourced product. Our most popular wholesale Shea butter products include:

  • Wildcrafted Raw Shea Butter (ZUTW): This wholesale Shea butter is restorative to the skin and contains a plethora of vitamins. This shea butter is ethically sourced from a women's cooperative in Ghana and is an RSL staple.
  • Cold Processed Refined Shea Butter (ZUTR): This Shea butter line is deodorized and decolored and is an excellent component of skin care products if you do not want the smell of raw shea butter.

Let Us Help You With Your Private Label and Wholesale Shea Butter Needs

RainShadow Labs also offers a private label and custom formulation program. We also have a custom fill program if you need Shea butter in large quantities. Our Shea butter can be private labeled to create:

  • Hair care products
  • Antiaging products
  • Cosmetics
  • Lotions and Butters

Contact RainShadow Labs Today!

If you want more information about our wholesale Shea butter, have an idea for an organic product you want to private label or just want to talk to one of our wholesale beauty supply experts contact us today!

You can also call our St. Helens, OR office at 503.366.3413.