Wholesale Spa Products

At Rainshadow Labs, our mission is to serve our customers, our community, and our planet with the finest natural and organic skincare products. Part of serving the community is offering wholesale spa products to spas around the country. Buying directly from the manufacturer saves spas money through competitive pricing and custom private labeling.

Since 1983, we have manufactured raw ingredients into skincare products and private labeled them for companies around the US. We have a full-scale research and development team that formulates high-end organic products to sell at a wholesale price. Customers can either mix their own ingredients and buy the end product at bulk pricing, or they can choose from our existing stock and assign a private label to each product. Spas that order through Rainshadow Labs save money and maintain control over what they stock on their back bar.

Private Label Skin Care Products

Your customers deserve the highest quality products, and great products require premium ingredients. Our formulations are composed of raw materials that are kosher, vegan, and biodegradable. Whenever possible, we use organic ingredients and renewable energy in our manufacturing process. Your customers can rest assured that they are getting FDA registered, sustainable raw materials when they purchase products from your spa.

If you have a specific product in mind, or even just a general idea of what you want, consult with our lab to find out if they can create a custom product or save you money by offering existing products at a wholesale price. For decades, our team has combined natural ingredients to create innovative products that harness the power of Mother Nature. Read below to learn about our latest skincare, bath, and essential oil products.

All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment

Our latest dermatologist grade anti-aging treatment is 42% organic, and it is intended to be used as the base layer for serums, creams, lotions and makeup. Apply on your face and neck twice a day, before applying anything else. No matter the time of day, this toner will not dry out your skin. The organic ingredients serve as healing agents, and the natural sulfur will drive each nutrient deep within your cells.

Body Perfecting Lotion

Used in conjunction with the anti-aging treatment, this 71% organic lotion will restore, astonish and amaze. This lotion consists of plant stem cells, astaxanthin, seaweed collagen, organic sulfur, amino acids and rosehip seed oil. These nourishing ingredients tone and tighten all skin types.

Ultra Lift Night Treatment

This powerful cocktail is a facelift in a bottle. To refine the appearance of wrinkles, apply on your face and neck in the morning and at night. The organic ingredients will restore your young, smooth and firm skin.

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