Why Buy Wholesale Cosmetics?

RainShadow Labs manufactures the highest quality botanical skin care products and provides them straight to you, with no middle man. This gives you full access to customized formulas made from the best ingredients at wholesale prices. All of the benefits of wholesale cosmetics are available to you with the touch of a button when you buy direct from RainShadow.

Cut Out Harsh Chemicals

We are constantly being exposed to harmful chemicals as we move about our daily lives. Many of these chemicals are found in the synthetic ingredients in our home and personal care items. By using wholesale cosmetics from RainShadow Labs, you can greatly reduce your exposure to harmful synthetic chemicals.

Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need to care for our skin and hair. RainShadow Labs has spent decades refining our natural skin care recipes to include the best natural ingredients. Our wholesale process allows us to pass these ingredients directly to you, without any harmful chemicals being added. When you buy wholesale cosmetics from RainShadow Labs, you can trust that you’re getting only the cleanest, purest natural products.

Higher Quality for Less

No one can offer the high quality skin care products that RainShadow Labs does for such an affordable cost. High-end skin care products can be very expensive, and usually contain ingredients that are actually harmful to your skin. The skin care products created by RainShadow provide your skin with everything it needs to feel healthy and fresh, all at a cost that you can afford. The options for customizing your products to meet your own needs and tastes insure that you have access to a truly unique product that is tailored just for you. You won’t find that at the grocery store!

Providing our customers with wholesale skincare products directly from our labs cuts down on the costs of retail marketing and advertising for us, and savess us the percentage of sales that would have to go to these establishments. We pass these savings directly on to you, our customer, so you can get high quality skin care products for less. When using our products for your own business, you can pass these savings on to your customers, or reinvest the money into growing your business.

Go Green

At RainShadow Labs, we practice what we preach and do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint while providing you with high quality skin care products. Our botanical ingredients are produced by sustainable growers. We adhere to a zero waste policy, supported by recycling and other efforts. When you buy wholesale from RainShadow Labs, you’re reducing your carbon footprint as well, by supporting a company that puts the earth first. Buying in bulk reduces the amount of containers you’ll be disposing of, and all of our packaging is recyclable.