Why RainShadow's Private Labeling is Right For You

A private label product is one that is manufactured by a third party and then sold under a retailerâ€â„¢s brand name. The retailer chooses the label, packaging, ingredients etc. and then pays a manufacturer to make their custom product. Instead of buying products from other companies to resell for a marked up price, retailers can sell their own products and have more control over their operations.

Third party manufacturers work at the retailer's direction, giving the retailer creative input regarding ingredients, quantity, specific goals and, as a result, profitability. Retailers can personalize the customerâ€â„¢s shopping experience by refocusing their marketing audience or adjusting their shelf space. As opposed to working with national brands, retailers who work with private label manufacturers retain greater control over every step of the process. The demand for independently branded, high-quality products is increasing throughout the world. Currently, there are more private label products available for purchase than there have ever been. Businesses looking for reliable, sustainable growth should consider a private label partnership.

RainShadow Labs has helped hundreds of businesses attract more customers by providing them with natural and organic skincare products. In order for a private label to be successful, the manufacturer must deliver a premium product. For over 30 years, the expert team at RainShadow Labs has researched and produced private label products for numerous retailers. We even have several packaging vendor partners that can produce exquisite packaging and labeling for retailers upon request.

Visit our website for more information on our various cremes, lotions, soaps, scrubs, and wholesale ingredients. We are a full-service manufacturer that can provide your business with high-quality, low-cost skincare products. We offer timely, affordable, flexible and creative product development, and technical support for every step of the process. Call (503) 366-3413 today to get started!

How to Launch a Private Label Brand

Retailers looking to start a private label brand must first decide on the product. Spas, coffee shops, gyms, massage parlors, and health food stores looking to begin a line of private label items should first envision their ideal product. Unlike many other manufacturers, Rainshadow Labs does not predetermine the package or labeling of our retailersâ€â„¢ orders. Visit our website to browse our skincare formulations, list of ingredients, and wholesale bulk items. If you arenâ€â„¢t sure of what kind of skincare product to offer, visit our website for some ideas or call our offices.

hose who have a prototype or specific product in mind can call our offices to explore options. Our experts will provide obligation-free consultations about which ingredients best combine with others and how to modify any product to better appeal to your customers. We value long-term relationships with our retail partners, and our team is prepared to help you along every step of the way.

Get Started By Calling RainShadow Labs Today!

We understand that the private label process can seem overwhelming at first. Call our offices to speak with a customer service representative that will help you with the entire process, including packaging, labeling, ingredient selection, and brand image. We manufacture organic skincare products in our 100% waste-free, wind-powered facilities. Call (503) 366-3413 today to begin growing your business through private label branding.