Wrinkle Repair Sample Bundle (WRKPACK)
Wrinkle Repair Sample Bundle (WRKPACK)

Wrinkle Repair Sample Bundle (WRKPACK)

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Six of our most popular anti aging product samples, ready to go for your convenience. Curated specifically with the private label customer in mind who wants to take some of the guesswork out of choosing product samples for their line.

Every bundle includes one of each of the following:
  • AAMFF Daytime Firming Fluid
  • APMFF Nighttime Firming Fluid
  • SFT All In One Anti Aging Treatment
  • BBHCI Face/Neck Firming Lotion
  • AEWR Turbo Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment
  • QVFT All In One Toner
AAMFF- Aging skin gets a much needed tightening treatment with daily application of our ever-loved Daytime Firming Fluid. Proven ingredients like plant derived amino acids and peptides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and B vitamins brings the juicy firmness back into sagging, struggling, wrinkling skin. 

APMFF- The nighttime version of our power-packed Daytime Firming Fluid, all the goodness of the former formula is bolstered by moisturizing, cold pressed plant lipids that deliver that extra kick of repair and restoration we all look for in a night cream. It's sandalwood rose scent is elegant and the texture is light and smooth.

SFT- Perfect for use as a toner and/or spray primer, this formula targets skin discoloration and uneven tone as well as sun damage, premature aging and declining collagen. Formulated with only the most cutting edge anti aging ingredients (think MSM and vitamin C), All In One Anti Aging Treatment is the perfect compliment to a comprehensive wrinkle repair (and preventative!) skincare regimen.

BBHCI- Your neck is part of your face, so don't neglect it! We formulated our Face/Neck Firming Lotion specifically to tighten and tone the entire face/neck area with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, cruelty free bee propolis and hyaluronic acid. 

AEWR- Turn back the clock with Turbo Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment. Can be used underneath makeup and used daily to restore firmness, get rid of sun damage, prevent fine lines, smooth and fill wrinkles with your skin's own collagen and deliver a daily dose of soothing moisture. 

QVFT- This vitamin C and organic sulfur filled toner is all about light and easy anti aging support. Balancing, corrective and seriously nourishing, this is an all year must-have that is suitable for all skin types and works as both an aging preventative as well as a much needed treatment for already aging skin.