Wholesale Beauty Supply 101

Your hair says a lot about you. Healthy, natural care will help it say the right things.

A simple expression can communicate more than the the most eloquent words.

The center of your life and health. Your heart and soul are in there.

Use them to work, to play, to create, and to feel. Care for them naturally.

It protects you from the the simple dangers in the world, protect it just as well.

Run, walk, dance. Healthy feet keep you moving freely through life.

Since 1983 Rain Shadow Labs has been producing private label beauty supplies using the highest quality ingredients and exceptional customer service. As an FDA registered facility our natural based formulas ensure a product you can be proud of.

Learn more about how natural beauty products are made and what makes them such a great alternative.

Want to know which essential oils are most popular? What combinations work best in a certain application? Find it here.

A place to find helpful resources for your journey to more natural health and beauty.