Essential Oils For Your Private Label

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/27/2014 to Oils

Natural and organic skin care embodies the essence of innovative natural science- providing authentic ingredients that impart their succulent natural wisdom to our skin. Essential oils are powerful skin care allies, and can easily take any formula from good to top tier. With such a variety of oils to choose from, it can seem daunting to find the essential oils that are right for you. Here you will find four of our favorite essential oils to start with for your private label- geranium, rose, jasmine and turmeric.

Energize Your Spirit With Essential Oils

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/23/2014 to Oils

One of the great things about essential oils is that when properly blended, they enhance the effectiveness of the oils around them. This means that using an essential oil blend can be even better than using a single oil. And in today’s modern world where almost everything is demanding and fast paced, you can really use all the help you can get. And that’s exactly why we came up with our Energize and Uplift essential oil blend, a lovely mix of jasmine, lemon, frankincense and sandalwood essential oils, Energize invigorates your mind and uplifts your spirits for the times you need it most.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Exotic Floral Essence

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/20/2014 to Oils

Essential oils are distilled from a number of different plant parts- everything from resins and stems, to leaves and occasionally even grasses. But it is the flowers that often evoke the most magical experiences, and great care is taken to ensure that they are harvested and processed at the correct time. Ylang ylang is no exception to this; these fragrant blossoms are harvested and distilled in the early morning, when their fragrance (and therapeutic potential) is at its peak.

Turmeric Essential Oil: Botanical Anti Aging Genius

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/16/2014 to Oils

Turmeric has been getting a lot of press lately in the health world because of the amazing anti inflammatory and healing properties it possesses. As you may already know, inflammation is one of the most detrimental processes our skin can be exposed to, and keeping it in check is of the utmost importance if your goal is to have a bright, tight and healthy complexion.

Palmarosa Essential Oil: Beautifying Cousin of the Rose

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/13/2014 to Oils

There are many different kinds of rose oils and all of them are held in high regard when it comes to skin care. It would make sense that something as fair and fragrant as a rose would be one of the ultimate beauty tonics. But there are also plants such as palmarosa, which is not a flower but a grass. And like its flowered and soft-petaled cousins, palmarosa is a wonder when it comes to treating aged and dehydrated skin.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: Multipurpose Maverick

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/9/2014 to Oils

The beauty of essential oils is not always that they are good for any one thing, but that one oil can be used for a myriad of purposes with equal effectiveness. This is most definitely the case with lemongrass essential oil. It is equally as good in aromatherapy as it is in skincare. It can be put in the diffuser to freshen the room. Needless to say, lemongrass is a multi-use maverick, perfectly suited for your private label needs.

Cumin Essential Oil: Ancient Cell-Protector

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/6/2014 to Oils

Though modern technology has provided many advances in the realm of health and sanitation, looking back to ancient cultures and studying what herbs and practices they utilized can be very valuable. Often, we find that the substances they used can still be effectively employed today. Cumin essential oil was cultivated and used extensively in ancient cultures as a way to treat and prevent infection and digestive issues, as well as a way to prevent food from going bad, and its applications are still relevant for us today.

Cinnamon Essential Oil: Spicy-Sweet Bacteria-Buster

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/2/2014 to Oils

It’s important to know how to keep your home and family members germ and infection free. When one person gets sick, it can negatively affect the whole household, so having a go-to infection and harmful bacteria fighting remedy is really of the utmost importance. Essential oils provide a natural, effective and sweet-smelling way to keep pathogens and illness at bay, and one of the absolute best oils for this purpose is cinnamon.