The Least of Them…at RSL

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It is said that when we help to liberate the least of this earths inhabitants….we have acted directly upon the whole. The liberation of our fellow earth-dwellers is our own liberation.
What we do to the most humble life form is done directly to our own self and to the collective. 

Private Label Soap Solutions for Baby

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Your baby deserves the best, and you work hard to make sure that that’s exactly what she/he gets. Though you may not know everything, what you do know is that the last thing you want to be doing for your baby is using irritating skincare products on their sensitive, delicate skin. And that’s where we come in. Private label skincare, especially when done right and with plenty of integrity, can easily meet the specific and sensitive needs of infants in the realm of skincare.

Private Label Tattoo Care

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Do you have any tattoos? If you do, then you know that they require special care and maintenance particularly when they’re fresh and new. And while there are plenty of tattoo care creams on the market, they don’t always have the best ingredients. While it is important to protect your tattoos, it’s also important that they receive substances to assist them on their quick, smooth recovery. Thankfully, there are private label skincare oils that perfectly help fresh tattoos.

The Fragrance of Light at RainShadow Labs

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 12/22/2015

Our sense of smell carries deep emotional and physical triggers….instantly transporting us to a time and place that our hearts remember even when our minds do not.

The science of healing through scent is old and wise. The Spice and Silk Routes of old date back to prehistoric times. The resins, oils and spices being transported for commerce and trade were valued beyond the gold and diamonds of these modern times.

EO75 Luminescent

The Best Private Label Skincare Oils for Babies

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You want the best for your baby. You want their skin to be protected and taken care of. The very last thing you want is to irritate your precious little one’s delicate skin with chemicals and additives that they just don’t need! Though there are many baby products on the market that promise to gently moisturize your little one’s skin, you can simply bypass all of that. Forget about reading labels and worrying about unnatural chemicals soaking into your baby’s skin. You can use carrier oils instead.

DIY Winter Moisture Cream

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Skincare in the winter can be entirely different from skincare in the summer. Harsh cold, lack of sun and biting winds create the perfect storm for skin to become dry, cracked and worn. It’s a time of year where the heavier moisturizers come out and are used as much for their deep moisturizing properties as for the protective shield they provide on the face. And while there are plenty of pre-made private label skincare options for winter, why not get a little crafty and make a winter proof moisture cream by hand?

Private Label Skincare Gift Ideas

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For the Beauty Queen: Vitamin C Serum. Whether your beauty queen is a budding beauty or seasoned woman, a high quality and organic vitamin c serum offers some of the most comprehensive, long lasting and effective anti aging skincare benefits you can find. Wrinkle prevention and reversal, sun damage healing, collagen production and the refinement of rough texture are all benefits of regular application of private label vitamin C serum. 

Private Label Essential Oils for Christmas

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Christmas is a time of warmth. A time of sweetness and just the right hint of spice to make things feel festive and bright. Whether you live somewhere with snow and pine trees, lots of rain and year round green, or gently sunny temps in the 60’s, the mood of the year changes as Christmas comes around. And with that change comes characteristic smells of the season. Cinnamon, Clove, Pine and Spruce are just a few of the smells that come with Christmas territory. And what better way to get in the festive spirit than by changing up your essential oil routine!

Holiday Candles at RainShadow Labs

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It’s that time of year now where we start paying more attention to the smells wafting through our homes, enjoying the soft glow of warm light in the evening, and thinking about meaningful gifts for all those whom we love. Gift giving can be a bit of a challenge- especially if you’re shopping for people who are picky. In cases like that, opt for a gift that everyone, picky or not, can enjoy: candles.