Essential Oils for Hair Care

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Essential oils can benefit almost every aspect of your life, including hair care. Using essential oils as part of your hair care routine can give you healthier hair and help you to address problems that may be occurring.

There are two simple ways that you can incorporate essential oils into your hair care routine today. The easiest is by adding a few drops of essential oils to your current shampoo. Another way you can utilize essential oils in hair care is to make a scalp treatment that you can massage into your hair and scalp. This can be made using a few drops of essential oils along with a carrier oil which can then be applied to the hair and scalp. Some essential oils that are beneficial to every type of hair are lavender, rosemary, jojoba, and borage.

Essential Oils for Hygiene

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Most people are familiar with the benefits of using essential oils for aromatherapy, but there is so much more to be gained from them. Essential oils can be used for personal hygiene to improve your overall health. Using essential oils in the place of common commercial products can reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. Here are some essential oils can be used to make natural substitutes for common hygiene products.

Facial Scrubs

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Your skin is constantly bombarded with debris and pollutants from the world around us. Pollution, detergents, make-up and a thousand other things can build up in your skin and cause it to look dull. Exfoliating on a regular basis is a great way to remove dirt and dead skin cells and reveal the healthy, younger looking skin underneath. Exfoliating also helps to increase circulation, tighten the skin, and fight aging.

Exfoliating is not something that you should do every day, as this could cause more damage to the skin than it fixes. You should exfoliate your skin about once a week using a facial scrub (every two weeks for those with sensitive skin). Apply a facial scrub to your entire face and massage it in gently for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off.

Anti-Aging Essential Oils

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As skin ages, it loses its elasticity and firmness and gives way to fine lines and wrinkles. Overexposure to the sun and other environmental factors add to the problem, resulting in age spots and uneven skin tone. These signs of aging are the reason why anti-aging serums are so popular among those looking to refresh their skin. Many anti-aging creams are made from chemicals that can damage the skin, but there is a natural way to combat aging skin using essential oils.

Essential oils are very potent and most of them need to be diluted into a carrier oils before you apply them to your skin, especially to your face. Choose one or more of the following essential oils to add to make your own anti-aging remedy.

Carrier Oils

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Essential oils can be used in many different ways to improve your health and environment. The process of extracting essential oils from the plants they’re derived from produces a concentrated substance that is very potent. You only need to use a very small amount of essential oils. When applying them directly to the skin, essential oils should be diluted in carrier oils to avoid skin irritation.

Carrier oils, also known as base oils, are vegetable oils that are made from the fatty part of a plant, like the seed, nut or kernel. Carrier oils contain nutrients that benefit the skin and can complement the healing properties of the essential oils.

Hydrosol (Floral Water)

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Essential oils are extracted by heating plants to release their oils. This process causes the moisture in the plants to be released as well, in the form of steam. The steam that is left over from the essential oil distillation process can be condensed and used as a hydrosol, also known as floral water or flower water.

Hydrosols contain many of the same nutrients as essential oils do, but they are much less potent. There is about .02% essential oil in hydrosols. Because they are already diluted, hydrosols can used directly, without having to be mixed with a carrier. They can be applied topically or diffused through the air. They are very mild which makes them ideal for use with babies and children. They can also be very helpful because they are less likely to cause irritation.

Peppermint Essential Oil

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Peppermint is a flavor and fragrance that is often associated with the holiday season. Fresh and cool, peppermint carries the essence of winter. Looking more deeply there is more to this amazing mint than meets the eye, including hidden properties that perhaps reveal a deeper purpose to its widespread use during the Christmas season. These hidden properties include the amazing ability of peppermint to aid digestion and to stimulate the conscious mind. And there is no more necessary time for digestive aids and awakening agents than during the demanding holiday season!!

Essential Oils for Meditation

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Caring for the mind and spirit is equally as important as caring for the body. Meditation is a practice that has been used throughout time to maintain the connection between the mind, body and spirit so we can meet the needs of all three. While prayer is meant to help us speak to a divine power, meditation is meant to help us clear our minds and listen to receive enlightenment and empowerment from our Creator, nature, and ourselves. Meditation is also used to refocus the mind, promote relaxation and enhance spiritual growth.

Defining Your Brand Promise

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Determining the brand promise for your skin care company is perhaps one of the most important moments in the life of your company. Discovering your inspired promise will enliven your company and your business ecosystem. A well integrated brand promise will inspire all of your business choices and your potential partners: your custom skin care manufacturing and packaging partner, your distributors, your vendors, your employees, and your customers.

Embarking on a Holistic Lifestyle

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The start of a new year is a great time to make resolutions about living healthier and more natural. One way to do this is to limit your exposure to toxins and harsh chemicals by using essential oils and other natural products instead of chemical based cleaning agents, medicines, and skin care products.

There are many benefits to switching to natural products, but living a holistic lifestyle can seem overwhelming at first. With all of the preservatives present in foods, the pollution in our environment and the chemicals present in everything from laundry detergent to household items, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are a few ways you can make simple changes to help you start on the path to living in a more natural way.