Ancient Luxury: The History of the Essential Oil

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/28/2014 to Oils

The History of Essential Oils is a grand and epic tale.  Essential Oils have been used for various purposes for over five thousand years!

Let’s take a trip back in the time stream and explore the magnificent world of Essential Oils in Ancient Times!

Top Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/26/2014

What kind of magical skin care craft are you getting into today?  Heard about the potency of Frankincense Essential Oil, but need to know more?  RainShadow Labs always offers premium information about the essential oils you want to use in your homemade cosmetic practice.  

Today we cover the Top Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil!


Frankincense Essential Oil is known for its transcendent spiritual properties.  Frankincense Essential Oil challenges the areas of your life that need expansion.  Because it is a very cozy scent, it makes venturing into the unknown feel safe and protected. Frankincense eases you in your adventures in personal growth, which is why it was an important gift to the spiritual sage, Jesus.

How to Use Essential Oils

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The thousands of uses of Essential Oils is nothing less than extraordinary! From zapping the flu virus to erasing wrinkles, Essential Oils take care of almost everything!  When you see the gamut of how Essential Oils can be used, it can feel  overwhelming.  How do you keep all the applications straight?

Top Benefits of Cardamom Essential Oil

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Are you a beauty alchemist? Do you love making your own soaps, lotions, bath salts and perfumes?  Add Cardamom Essential Oil to one of your newest creations!  

RainShadow Labs offers you the Top Benefits of Cardamom Essential Oil!


Cardamom Essential Oil fragrance restores a sense of relaxed control and neutrality.  Its spicy notes remind you of your internal fire and purpose, while Cardamom Oil’s cooling aspects relax any pressing stress.

Best Hair and Skin Supplement: Algae Extract!

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Are you taking your homemade cosmetic crafting to the next level?  Or are you a skin care business looking for an additive that will put your brand over the top?  You’ve come to the right place! RainShadow Labs, a wholesaler and private skin care manufacturer, has something so amazing to offer you that you won’t believe it!

Men's Skin Care Tip: Use Toner After Shaving

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Men’s skin care is an overlooked, but important topic. The health of men’s skin is just as important as the health of female skin! But most companies ignore that.  As a Skin Care Wholesale Retailer, RainShadow Labs wants to provide you with the products you need to take care of men’s skin in the same way women’s beauty gets pampered.

A Men's After-Shave Toner is one of the most handy and brilliant skin care products for the male complexion.  Many men don’t understand how a toner works and what if could be doing for their appearance.  Here’s how a toner works and why you should use it.

Why Use Organic Cosmetics?

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RainShadow Labs is a Wholesale Retailer and a Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer.  We offer optimum grade natural and organic skin care products and essential oils. You may wonder Why Use Organic Cosmetics? Here’s why:

Your skin has its own metabolism.  Just like your body won’t metabolize certain kinds of foods (mostly chemically laced ones) your skin can’t process strange cosmetic material. When you skin doesn’t process the lab-crafted lotion you put on your face, it gets clogged and heavy in the same way your body gains weight when it doesn’t metabolize certain foods.  

The Many Benefits of Cacao Essential Oil

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RainShadow Lab’s Wholesale Cacao Essential Oil makes it easy for you to procure this delicious, sensuous oil at a manufacturer direct value.  Use it in your spa or beauty care establishment, or to blend in cosmetics you make at home for yourself and friends! Our oils are always pure, unadulterated and distilled from premium sources.  So, they are richly aromatheraputic and powerfully medicinal!

Cacao Essential Oil is a yummy and super-calming scent. The oil’s toothsome fragrance is actually relaxing on a molecular level.  Cacao Oil contains components like anandimide, a molecule that the brain needs to feel blissful and happy, and tryptophan, famous for relaxing the nervous system and boosting mood.  The scent of Cacao Oil relaxes the body and mind.

Is Your Skin Lacking Vitamin C? Here's the Answer

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Do you know what happens to the skin when it lacks vitamin C? The aging process sets in at a swift pace.  Since vitamin C is required for collagen production, a lack of it leads to wrinkles and sagging. Do you own a spa? Offer someone our Wholesale Vitamin  C Serum if his or her skin is beginning to jowl and developing fine to severe lines.

Age spots are also a sign that someone could use a Vitamin C Serum.  Age spots are simply discoloration caused by overexposure to the sun over many years. Vitamin C protects skin from the sun’s UV rays and is even associated with lower rates of skin-cancer.  Using a Vitamin C Serum will actually lighten and reverse sun-spots and protect from future discoloration!

How Essential Oils are Made

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How are Essential Oils made? Essential Oils are made by extracting the fragrant and medicinal liquids in a plant.  Essential Oils can be derived from the seeds, roots, bark, stems and leaves of a plant as well as the fruit and flowers. Quality essential oils are extracted using one of three main methods: Effleurage, Steam Distillation and Expression.

Clove Essential Oil: A Healthy and Seductive Choice

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RainShadow Labs Wholesale Clove Essential Oil is a premium oil with loads of topical applications.  Did you know that in the Middle Ages, Clove Oil was noted to have over 12,000 applications for symptoms and disease?  Our Clove Oil is potent medicinal oil and beauty fix, plus it’s a spicy aromatherapy scent!

Clove Oil has indescribable therapeutic benefits. It’s been documented to kill over 60 different bacterial strains, 15 fungal strains and a number of viral infections.