The Private Label Skincare Trends to Watch in 2016

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/25/2016 to Oils

rosemary oilWhile the word “trend” can tend to turn people off, the reality is that some things become trendy or quickly popular for a reason: they work. In the case of private label skincare, this couldn’t be more true. While some things come and go like waves in the ocean, others come and stay as they prove themselves to be worth the hype. What was once an ingredient or product of the moment becomes a trusted skincare ally that brands and customers seek out years after their market debut. Here’s our take on the ingredient and product trends to watch in 2016, since they might just become another addition to the tried and true list of private label skincare wonders.

DIY Essential Oil Toothpaste

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/21/2016 to Health

diy toothpasteHave you ever tried brushing your teeth with baking soda? What about clay, or an essential oil and sea salt? These things might sound a little strange, but they’re actually really good for your teeth and overall oral health- some might even say that they’re better than normal toothpaste. If you’re the DIY type, or are looking to add some kind of tooth serum or paste to your private label skincare line, then you’re going to want to listen up. Making your own natural, effective and wonderfully refreshing toothpaste is super easy. Here’s what you should know:

Introducing: The Body Perfecting Line

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/18/2016 to Skin Care

perfect skinYou probably spend a little bit of time every day on your face. Whether it’s to apply a daily serum, wash and moisturize, or just a quick splash of water followed by your favorite carrier oil, the point here is that you know your skin needs daily anti aging protection in order to age gracefully and with health. But what about the skin on the rest of your body? Though it is often covered by clothes, it shouldn’t be left to fend for itself, forgotten or kept as an afterthought. However, the skin on our bodies often is forgotten and left as an afterthought, and we just couldn’t stand it any longer. So, we came up with this: the Body Perfecting Line.

DIY Argan Oil and Rosemary Hair Treatment

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/15/2016 to Oils

healthy red hairThere are a lot of different private label ingredients that can help to keep your hair shiny, strong and bouncy beautiful. Some can be used on their own, while others need to be added to formulas. In the case of the latter, one of our favorite hair healing and protecting ingredients is organic Argan oil. With the perfect texture, soft and mild aroma and fantastic level of efficacy, if you haven’t been using this on your hair at least once a week, now’s the time to start.

Illuminate Your Senses with Luminescent

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/11/2016 to Oils

luminescent sandalwoodAt RainShadow Labs, we love essential oils. They’re the gems of the private label skincare world, and for very good reason. They heal the skin, harmonize the heart and clear a clogged perspective. We use them heartily in our private label skincare creations, in our homes and even in our office! And while the skincare element of essential oils can be so exciting, let us not forget what a simple whiff of an essential oil based perfume can do for your emotional and psychic wellbeing. In the spirit of those fantastic aroma therapeutic properties, we’ve created a new essential oil blend to be enjoyed by you, your loved ones and even your customers. Introducing: Luminescent.

DIY Coffee and Sugar Scrub

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/8/2016 to Skin Care

sugar scrubAre you a scrub fan? Most people remember to exfoliate their faces before they think to do the same to their bodies, but remember that all your skin benefits from regular exfoliation. Using a body scrub is a great way to take care of this, and has the added bonus of moisturizing after the dead skin cells are sloughed off. While you can easily purchase a body scrub to use in the shower, why not try to make your own? It’s so easy, inexpensive, makes a great gift, and with a plethora of private label skincare ingredients to choose form, you need not feel bored or limited, as the possibilities are virtually endless.

The Best Private Label Eye Care Ingredients

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/4/2016 to Private Label Skin Care

The skin on your eyes is special. Possessing no sebaceous glands of its own and a much thinner texture, this delicate and easily aged area relies on you to maintain its softness, glow, and youth. And just like for your face and the myriad signs of aging it can possess, your eyes do best with certain private label skincare ingredients. Whether you choose to include and use these special ingredients in an eye cream or all over face serum, just be sure you get them on everyday for long lasting youth and dermal strength around your eyes.

The Scoop On Oil Free Moisture

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/1/2016 to Private Label Skin Care

lotionHave you ever used an oil free moisturizer before? Are you scared of using oil on your skin? A lot of people are. For them, oil means acne or a mid day shine that they just don’t want to deal with. So they turn to oil free moisture. But is it really necessary? Can people with oily skin use lipid based moisturizers with positive results? It all depends on the private label skincare ingredients you use to replace the oil. If they are the right ones, intelligently selected and of the best quality, you can still have beautiful, hydrated and soft skin without the oil.