Why using a charcoal cleanser might benefit your skin.

Posted by RainShadow Labs' Resident Esthetician on 2/24/2021
Activated charcoal is one of the best natural pore cleansing ingredients, and it's beneficial for your skin in a few other ways too. This active ingredient is suitable for combination and oily skin types due to its ability to absorb excess oils on the skin without over-stripping it. It is also a miracle worker for those who have pores that look and feel enlarged and clogged. Charcoal has an adsorptive quality and works to pull impurities off the skin, such as dirt and other pollutants from our environment. In addition to removing impurities, activated charcoal has a slightly gritty texture that provides a gentle exfoliation to the skin. 

An Esthetician's Favorite Self Care Ritual: Face Masks

Posted by RainShadow Labs' Resident Esthetician on 2/24/2021 to Lifestyle
Our day-to-day has changed quite a bit during this past year, and some of us may be experiencing higher stress or a slower paced life. Whatever season you are currently in, showing up for yourself and making time for proper self-care is so important. "When we take the time to do little things that bring us joy, I truly believe it helps to make us overall happier humans. For me, that has been my skincare routineā€, says our resident esthetician. I've been enjoying giving myself an at-home facial with our private label skincare products

How to Achieve a Plump & Dewy Looking Complexion

Posted by RainShadow Labs' Resident Esthetician on 2/24/2021 to Lifestyle
Let's talk about all things hydration, more specifically skin hydration. I don't know about you, but I'm always trying to achieve a plump and dewy looking complexion. But with all the creams and moisturizers on the market, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Well, I'm here to simplify things and break down a few of my favorite ingredients to look for in your next private label skincare product. Of course, the first step to a luminous complexion is proper cleansing and exfoliation, but you already knew that! Now it's time to drench our skin with creams and oils. 

Skincare Trio Spotlight: The Hydro Plus Line For Your Skin Barrier

Posted by RainShadow Labs' Resident Esthetician on 2/22/2021 to Private Label Skin Care
Let's talk about the state of your skin. Does it feel itchy? Or maybe your skin is feeling a little tight and dehydrated? It may be that your skin's barrier is compromised. We have private label skincare products and ingredients that can help.

Our skin barrier is the uppermost layer of the skin, and its function is to protect the body from enhanced loss of water and external threats such as chemicals. Once your skin barrier is damaged, your skin loses water very quickly, and you often experience a dehydrated sensation.