Cold Process or hot process soap?

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In the soap making process, making cold process soap and hot process soap is quite different. Often the end products look alike and it is difficult to tell them apart. The usual commercial soap purchased at a store is made using the hot process, as it is much faster to make.

In the hot soap making process larger batches can be made in a shorter processing time, thus maximizing profits. In manufacturing the soap, the glycerin in the soap is removed as a by-product from the heating process, along with the waste product, lye. This cooked soap lacking glycerin dries our skin.

Essential Oils and Sinus Infections

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Sinus infections have been around since man was on the earth.  There are several remedies in the world that can help with sinus infections.  Antibiotics are the most popular, but there are natural remedies too.

Aromatherapy is a very effective natural remedy for sinus infections.  A French chemist in 1920, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, termed using plant oils for healing as aromatherapy.  He studied how the plants oils had healing properties.

Making Your Own Natural Soap

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Whether youre pinching your penny or looking for a new hobby, the process of making your own homemade natural soap has attracted many.  A starter kit designed for beginners might be the best option for you if youre just starting out.  If you want to take on a bigger challenge, however, you might consider searching out recipes and trying one on your own.

Starter Kits for Natural Soap

Soap making starter kits contain all the soap supplies you will need, and are the simplest way to go.  Complete with molds and detailed instructions, you will be guided every step of the way.  Look for a kit in a craft store, or shop online.

Organic or Natural?

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Sometimes it's confusing to know the difference between something labeled as "organic" and something else labeled "natural". The certification of organic varies from country to country, but involves a set of standards for those growing, storing, processing, packaging and shipping food products. This includes everyone from the seed suppliers, farmers, processors, retailers and restaurants. Here are some of the general rules for something labeled organic.

Synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and food additives, and also genetically modified organisms are avoided. The farmland where the food is grown needs to be chemical free for at least three years. Accurate records need to be kept including production and sales numbers.

Skin Essentials

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Everyone in the world today has had at least one pimple inflicting his or her life.  Acne is something that is reoccurring and natural.  Why not fight natural with natural?

There are essential oils that can help beautify the skin and fight acne.  Essential oils are a natural gift given to us by Mother Nature.  The five essential oils used for skin treatment are lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, tea tree oil, and geranium.

The Difference between Natural and Regular Soap

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If ever given the option, it is always better to use natural or organic products.  Organic food is better for your body, and with soap it is no different.  Knowing the differences between the soap making process of natural and regular soap will allow you to make yet another better choice in your day-to-day life.

Five Tricks for a Better Natural Soap

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Natural soap making has become more common with our increased awareness of what harmful chemicals can do. Good natural soap requires the right combination of ingredients. Here are five tricks for better soap.

1. Get the basics right. High priced ingredients aren't really necessary to make good soap. Often high-priced ingredients try to make up for an inferior soap recipe.

Toenail Fungus Removal Is Possible: Use Natural Essential Oils

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Things as embarrassing as toenail fungus can make our lives a little more stressful than what they already are.  Women can paint their toenails to hide it, but men do not have such luck.  Some people even avoid going to the doctor because they are so embarrassed.  Thank goodness there are home remedies for toenail fungus.

How To Make Essential Oils

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Have you ever thought about how to make essential oils?  There are several techniques of how to make essential oils.  Distillation is one of the most effective ways of extracting oils from plants.  This method uses steam to capture the oil.  Once the oil is captured, the steam condenses and then the water and oil are separated.

If you only want pure natural oil, the distillation method is for you.  Because it uses steam, there are no chemicals used to extract the oil.  As a result, the final product contains no residue or lingering chemicals, you just get pure natural oil.

Aromatherapy Seventh Heaven

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Aromatherapy has been described as a trip to seventh heaven.  There are numerous aromas that are available for various uses.  After the application, each fragrance has its own result.

Aromatherapy has such a profound effect on individuals because of the essential oils that are used.  These oils allow the feeling of relaxation, relief, and being refreshed.  Essential oils are the heart of aromatherapy.

Planning the Perfect Party

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I bet when you hear the words perfect hostess you picture someone you know.  This person is maybe a friend or family member that always seems to throw the best parties.  You have also maybe wondered why their parties are always a hit, when other parties youve been to, or thrown yourself, seem to flop.  The secrets to planning the perfect party are actually quite simple! Here are 3 tips for making your next shin-dig a smash.

The first thing you want to do is pick a theme for your party.  A theme is the reason for the party.  It should be what the party surrounds or the main event though its usually quite simple.  A theme can be anything from a movie/TV show, to a game/craft, or even as simple as a color.  Once the theme is determined, the next task is to decide on an activity or event which coordinates with the theme.

Anxiety Remedies

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In todays economy it is very easy to have anxiety and nervousness.  It is stressful having to worry about paying bills and finding jobs.  If ones anxiety is severe and they need help, they probably wont have enough money to pay doctors and prescriptions for relief.  There is a cheaper and more natural way of relief through aromatherapy with essential oils.

Effects of anxiety and stress may only feel like mental ones, but there are physical ones as well.  Some physical symptoms include rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and nausea.  Mental symptoms include dread, fear, and worry.  These essential oils will help diminish or alleviate both mental and physical effects of anxiety: patchouli, lavender, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, and clary sage.

Essential Oils Aid in a Comfortable Pregnancy

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Now just like with anything else during pregnancy, the woman should always consult her doctor before beginning use.  It is not recommended that she use any essential oils during the first trimester because in the first twelve weeks the baby is developing essential organs.  There have been no conclusive studies that show either negative or positive effects on the baby.  So to play it safe, she should not use oils.

What Homemade Lye Soap Really Means

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When someone refers to homemade lye soap, it can be hard to know what they mean if you have never heard it before. Lye is a chemical used to turn ingredients in to soap. This soap making process is often referred to as homemade lye soap.

Essential Oils Reduce the Response of Inflammation

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In todays world there are several uncomfortable, serious, and mild health problems that can be relieved or healed.  Most of the time all one has to do is take a pill that their doctor recommends.  What most people dont realize is that health conditions were relieved in the past as well.  The cleansing came from essential oils.

The anointing of essential oils has more purposes then just religious practices.  The term anointing oil means to rub oil on a desired location.  Anointing oil can cleanse spiritually and physically.  One specific physical ailment that essential oils can heal is inflammation.

Soap Mold Suggestions

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Are you tired of giving the same boring presents to your family and friends? Are you tired of doing the same crafts that everyone else also does? I was as well, and I recently found a great new one - soap making.

I know there is a lot of work that goes in to the soap making process, but it is worth it. Things need to be done a specific way during the soap making process to have it turn out just right. There are also a lot of safety precautions that you need to take in the soap making process.

Lavender 101

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The effects that lavender has had on the culinary industry are indisputable.  Its soft perfume intensifies crme brulee, custards, ice creams, and compliments biscuits and fruit salads.  It is almost second to saffron, but lavender has more uses than just in the kitchen.  Medically speaking lavender has a value that is incalculable.

Among all of the essential oils, lavender is one of the most versatile.  Individuals who use essential oils probably have lavender in their cabinets for its versatility. Because lavender is one of the most versatile among the essential oils, its consumers are just as diverse.  The consumers can range from the elderly with aches and pains to athletes, pregnant women, or anyone that is stressed.  Lavender is great for skin, sedating nervous, relaxing muscles, helping digestion, and reducing inflammation.

Supplies You Need When Making Your Own Soap

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It can be very rewarding to make your own soap. However, there are different soap supplies that you need to have handy when making your own soap. Having the proper soap supplies is essential if you want to have a good experience.

Making lye soap can be fun. It also is a dangerous hobby since lye can burn like an acid if it touches your bare skin. Having the proper soap supplies can prepare you in case of any spills.

Safety Precautions You Should Take When Making Lye Soap On Your Own

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Lye soap has been around for thousands of years. However, lye is a very harmful substance and proper precautions and safeguards should be taken before trying to make soap on your own. Here are a few safety precautions to be aware of when taking on homemade lye soap.

Protect your eyes. Wear protective eye gear or goggle to keep your eyes from harm. Goggles will shield your eyes from coming in contact with lye. Be sure the goggle completely cover the eyes.

Natural Ways to Seek Your Fountain of Youth

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We are all searching for our own fountain of youth to be rid of facial wrinkles.  Even though wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, having them can make us feel tired and old. Luckily, there are several natural ways to reverse this aging process right in your own home.

In learning how to reverse the effects of aging, first we should understand why wrinkles occur.  Wrinkles in the skin are caused by many things.  Some of the major culprits for causing wrinkles are: routine and constant facial expressions, simply growing older, damage from the sun, lack of hydration, smoking, or making contact with other free radicals like pollution.  The following suggestions may help to reverse some of the signs of aging.

How to Manage Stress

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Stress is a regular part of life.  Through change and everyday living, stress is experienced.  Even though everyone experiences stress, the effect of stress will vary greatly depending on the individual experiencing it.  And likewise, coping mechanisms for stress widely differ. The effect and management of stress will first depend on the type of stress.

Essential Oils 101

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You may have noticed the words essential oils in so many marketed products these days. Essential oils are being advertised on makeup, hair care, lotions and so many other products. So what are essential oils and why are they important? How can a person distinguish between essential and other oils? And what are their benefits?

Uses of Oils

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When you think of oils, generally the first thoughts are geared toward automotive or cooking.  Granted that cooking oils make wonderful results that can be tasteful and decorative, but oils are so much more.  Oils can be used for anointing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The uses of oils are documented all the way back to biblical times and used with the Egyptians.