How Essential Oils Are Extracted

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Essential oils are extracted from plants. Plants, woods, spices and herbs are main sources of natural essential oils. Distillation is the main source of getting the oil from the plant.

Distillation works well with roots, berries, and leaves. Sometimes, in the cases with wood, oil can be released when it is burnt. This was a popular technique with Indians, who used this aromatherapy method often.

Organic Essential Oil Production

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Organic essential oils are liquid product that is taken from plants and herbs. They are used in a variety of products. Some of these products include perfumes, incense, cosmetics, detergents, and fabric softeners.

Essential oils have been known to be used since the days of Egypt. Early Egyptians used essential oils for cosmetics, perfumes and also for embalming their dead. Most organic essential oils have their name taken from the plant material they are taken from.

Essential Oils and Hair Loss

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Losing hair can be depressing. Whatever the reason for losing it, hair gives both men and women a certain value. Losing it can be more devastating to some people than others, and that is where treatments for hair loss come in.

People can put a lot of value on the amount of hair they have. Many products are currently available for hair regrowth. However, a lot of these are not very effective.

Getting Intimate With Essential Oils

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Through out the ages sexuality has been something that has been a major part of humanity. A lot of people are still trying to find ways to improve their sex lives. Both men and women are looking for things to help them be more desirable to the opposite sex.

Organic essential oils can help with intimacy. Essential oils can aid in intimacy and sexuality by increasing sexual desire. They can also help people who may be suffering from impotence.

Naturally Curing Shingles

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The illness known as shingles is a viral infection.  This virus is the same virus as chicken pox.  Shingles affects specific areas of the skin and is an infection in the nervous system.

Shingles come about because after having chicken pox as a child some of the virus was still alive and stayed dormant.  When the immune system years later is traumatized, the virus reawakens and causes the infection.  Things like severe illnesses or emotional stress can traumatize the immune system.

Using Essential Oils

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Organic essential oils are handy items to have. They can help with a variety of things, both medically and emotionally. Organic essential oils are natures way to treat and help a lot of different ailments and infections.

Scientific research has shown the benefits of using organic essential oil. There are plenty of scientific evidences that prove that organic essential oil can be a natural and safe way to treat medical ailments. It is a great alternative to harsher medical therapies.

Aromatherapy Helps Depression

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Some feel that depression is something that can be snapped out of, but these individuals have obviously never suffered from depression.  Depression can be feeling of extreme sadness that come and go without warning.  Depression can also be severe and feel like a dark cloud following you where ever you go.

Depression affects you mentally making you feel like you are worth nothing.  It also affects your relationships.  Depression can affect you physically too.  Depression causes stress.  Stress causes a change in appetite, activity decrease, and can make the body strain.

Grief and Sorrow: Oils Can Help

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There are not very many guarantees in this world, but there is at least one.  This guarantee is that you will experience grief and sorrow several times in your life.  Grief and sorrow are caused by many various reasons.

The grieving process has steps that you move through before you are whole again.  After sorrow there is acceptance of the truth.  Then there is moving past the whole grief and living your life again.  Aromatherapy can help you speed through this process to feel complete and whole again.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy has been around for centuries.  The proof that aromatherapy works is in how long it has been used.  Aromatherapy is even a multi-cultural healing tool.

It is thought that the Egyptians in 1555 B.C. were the first to use aromatherapy. The Chinese used it as well and compiled a book of which essential oils are best for what.  The Greeks and Romans used it as well.

Aromatherapy is a natural way of helping the body heal using essential oils.  Essential oils come from plants.  Steam distillation is the purest way of extracting essential oils.

Treating Candida With Essential Oils

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Natural essential oils are used a lot with healing and aromatherapy. They are completely natural. Natural essential oils are concentrated oil taken from a plant.

Natural essential oils
are effective treatments for candida. They are proven to be more effective than topical candida creams. They can be used for both men and women candida infections.

Getting Your Candle Making Gear

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Candle making is a great skill to learn.  There are many reasons to want to learn how to make candles. You may choose candle making as a new hobby.  Others make candles as part of a lucrative business.  But whatever the reason as you begin you will need to acquire all the start up materials.

The candle making start up process is all about getting your equipment. Some of these materials you will probably have around your household already.  Other items you will need to research and purchase.  The following is just what you need to being your new candle making hobby or business.

Candle Tips

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Candle making can be tough when you are out of practice.  Candle making can even seem a little dangerous because it involves hot wax.  It is also confusing on how much dyes and fragrances to use in candle making.

Picking what dye you want to use can be tricky.  No matter the color it is always important to read the box, especially the warnings.  The dye is very potent and powerful.  Be very careful because you can dye your clothes, counters, and stovetop very easily if you are not careful.

Candle Making Wax

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When doing candle making, it is always important to know which wax to use.  Each wax has different properties and will produce different types of candles.  In candle making the wax will affect the quality of your candle.

There are several candle making waxes, but the most popular used with companies is gel wax.  It is popular because you can suspend things like beads, stones, and marbles in it.  The down side with gel wax is that its melting point is around 200 F. When it is melted, it is still in gel form and is hard to pour into molds.

Anise: Cure for the Common Cough

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Anise is a natural essential oil that is part of the parsley family. This botanical plant is grown mostly in Turkey. The natural essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the seeds of the plant.

The anise plant is an herb with white flowers. It grows to three feet or less, and has very delicate leaves. Anise has been used as a spice.

Curing Ailments Naturally With Essential Oils

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Observations show that more people are falling victim to all sorts of illnesses and disorders.  These illnesses and disorders can disrupt and alter individual’s lifestyles.  World Health Organization conducted a research study that showed 80% of ailments are lifestyle altering.

There are several cures offered in the world for various illnesses and disorders.  Some are through therapies and others are with drugs.  Drugs can be very dangerous and have various side effects.

Tea Tree Oil's Many Beneficial Properties

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Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is a wonderful organic essential oil. It is very pale, gold, almost clear color oil. Tea tree oil is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia.

Tea tree organic essential oil has benefits, both medically and cosmetically. It works great as an antiseptic and anti-fungal oil. There are many different treatments that tea tree oil performs.

Beginning of Aromatherapy

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The use of natural essential oils for healing has been around for centuries.  Individuals from the Stone Age even used natural essential oils.  There is evidence that they used natural essential oils in a French cave through an illustration.

Egyptians used essential oils as well.  They used it in their religious rituals and in medications.  They used it for preservation on their dead.  The Pharaohs of Egypt even used it to trade for slaves or treasures.

The Wart Challenge

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Warts, once associated with wicked witches, are particularly challenging to deal with. You need to kill the center of the wart or it just keeps coming back. Doctors can freeze the wart, which really burns it, or cut the wart out. Either process can require several visits to the office.

Essential Oils Help With Science and Medicine

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A lot can be gained by understanding the medicinal properties of essential oil in plants. Organic essential oil blends are often used to treat medical problems. There are a variety of reasons for this, the biggest one being that they have been an effective treatment program for hundreds of years already.

The best results of using essential oil have happened with high quality oil. Diluted organic essential oil will not work as well as concentrated oil, for example. When you are looking in to buying organic essential oil look at the quality of the oil and how diluted it is before buying.

Essential Oils That Help With Skin Problems

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Essential oils have been used for many different things through out history, and one of those things is skin care! Below are some essential oils that have been used in skincare throughout history:

Mastic Oil: Mastic Oil is an organic essential oil that comes from the resin of an evergreen shrub. It has been used widely in skincare for both face and body, and is also a popular ingredient in perfumes.

Essential Oils: Naturally Antiviral

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Many individuals are more than willing to take a pill that their doctor prescribes them.  They are even willing to take over the counter medicines if it will offer some kind of relief.  But many people do not think about the side effects that these drugs have on their bodies.

There are natural remedies to give relief.  These ways are through natural essential oilsNatural essential oils can help cure or provide relief for many different things.  Specifically natural essential oils can help with viral infections.

Oils For Lovers

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Smell plays an important role in our moods. Natural essential oils can have a powerful aphrodisiac effect on our system if used correctly. If you want to spice up your love life, here are a few natural essential oil suggestions.

Rose - Rose is a powerful oil with deep romantic roots. Cleopatra was even rumored to have used rose petals in her bath. As one of the most popular perfumes of all time, its floral, romantic aroma will set the mood right away.

Candles: A History in the Making

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Candles have a deep history.  When you look at the history of the world its been relatively recent that candles have not been needed for lighting purposes.  The type of candle that resembles our modern-day candle was invented nearly 5,000 years ago! This article will peruse the history of candle making.

And so the history of candles breaks down into two time segments.  The first segment is before electricity. The second of course is after electricity.

Making Wax Candles

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Candle making on your own is very rewarding.  You can give the candles away as gifts, sell them, or use them personally.  Although candle making is fun, you need a lot of supplies to do it correctly.

In candle making you can use fragrances or dyes.  You can mix different ones together to make a new fragrance or stick to one color or scent at a time.  You can either use the fragrance in the wax or on the wick.

Uses for Scented Candles

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Candles have so many uses.  Especially with the wide array of scents that candle making has produced these days, they become an easy solution to so many household or personal issues. The following are 3 awesome ways that scented candles can help you every day.

First, let’s talk household uses. Scented candles have some great uses at home. The wonderful aroma of a scented candle can improve the atmosphere of any living space. Place candles in bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms to spruce up your home and make it smell blissful.