Private Label Smooth Skin Ingredients

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 5/24/2016 to Private Label Skin Care
smooth skin Smooth skin- we all want it, we all love it. We admire it on newly born babies, apply makeup to try and make our own skin look more smooth and spend countless hours looking for the perfect private label skincare product to make our cheeks just a little more smooth. Promising miracle products isn’t something we do here. What we can do is tell you about some of our favorite smooth skin ingredients for use in every day skincare. Whether you’ve got dry cheeks, redness, wrinkles, or just want to maintain the complexion and texture you already have, take a look at some of our favorite smooth skin super stars...

Our Favorite Flowers for Your Face

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 5/23/2016 to Skin Care
Plants for your face
When it comes down to it, the majority (if not all) of our private label skincare ingredients come from plants. Grasses, leaves, stems and all other means of plant matter are pressed, squeezed, tinctured, decocted and otherwise processed in order for us to get the best botanical bounty possible. And while leaves and bark and little berries are all wonderful, we have a special soft spot for all the flowers that so generously grace our faces with their beauty giving essences. Whether it’s in the form of an essential oil, hydrosol, oil extraction or simply ground up petals for a light and gentle scrub, flowers really do have a special kind of power. Here are a few of our faves...

Smooth and Shine Shampoo

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 5/23/2016 to Hair Care
smooth and shine shampooWe created this shampoo with the idea that beautiful, healthy, shiny and perfectly smoothed hair can be as easy as a wash away. We wanted to create something that would support the hair’s natural beauty and integrity while also giving it a little private label help along the way. Your hair deserves to shine with health, bounce with happiness and never know the feel of frizz again. You deserve the feeling of confidence and relaxation when it comes to your mane, knowing that it looks good no matter the day. Try a little bit of Smooth and Shine in your life; it just might be the hair trick you’ve needed.

Products with Sea buckthorn

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Sea buckthorn tree Brightly colored, rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, Sea buckthorn berries are true skincare super heroes. Their nourishing oil is a veritable gold mine for all things anti aging, beauty and youth. To be blunt, we love Sea buckthorn. We love it so much that we’ve chosen to include it in some of our favorite, ready to buy stock products so you don’t have to worry about trying to add it yourself. Whether you just want affordable natural skincare that works, or you want to add your own brand to our pre-formulated skincare for your own private label, rest assured that these Sea buckthorn filled formulas are all you need in the realm of anti aging, antioxidant rich products.

Essential Oils to Keep Ants Out

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 5/20/2016 to Oils
It’s springtime in our neck of the woods, and along with the flowers blooming, balmy temperatures and sunny days comes the annual spring ant invasion. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing this too? While we know the earth needs these little critters, we feel a little differently about how much our kitchens and windowsills need them. Many people deal with this issue by having their homes sprayed with insecticides; but what if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals to keep your house ant free?

Culinary Herbs Used in Private Label Skincare

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When you think of your skincare, do you also think of food? Probably not. Private label skincare is for your face and food is for eating, right? Yes and no. While you can’t necessarily eat all of your private label skincare, there are some culinary herbs that are used in the skincare world because of their benefits. Though the applications are not the same, the actual plants are. And far from being exotic, you may be surprised to learn that these same herbs are ones you use all the time in your cooking.

Can You Be Wrinkle-Free Forever?

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 5/17/2016 to Lifestyle
Grandmother and GranddaughterThere’s a trend in the beauty and skincare world that promotes an idea of being wrinkle-free forever. There’s a wish to look like a 20 year old for your entire life, and many people turn to skincare and other procedures to try and accomplish this goal. Part of our mission is crafting the best private label skincare possible so that you can look and feel your best no matter your age. We honor all ages, all skin types and all journeys and want to encourage you to acknowledge that just because you don’t look like you’re 20 anymore doesn’t mean you look bad, or even old. It just means you’ve lived a little.

Are Wild Crafted Plants Better?

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The most obvious difference between wild crafted and cultivated plants is that one grows in the wild and one does not. Wild crafting usually requires someone to actually go out and collect the plant from outside of a garden, while a cultivated plant is just that- cultivated in a garden. One of the main benefits of choosing to use ethically wild crafted private label skincare ingredients when possible is that plants growing in the wild have to be stronger than plants that are cultivated in a garden. This is because they do not have a gardener to water, fertilize and otherwise protect them from the elements, so they must be strong enough to survive outside of the care of humans. This strength can translate into a higher concentration of beneficial properties within the plant, which can make it more valuable when used in your skincare routine.