Use Hand Soap as an Anti-Fog

Posted by kevin1234 on 8/29/2011 to Lifestyle

If you swim in chemically treated pools you have three options. Option 1 is to wear goggles under water to keep your eyes from getting irritated by chlorine. Option 2 is to simply swim without goggles underwater and suffer the consequences of dry, red eyes. Number 3 is to simply not swim under water.

There are several anti-fog products that are currently on the market. They range in price and quality. Many of them use chemicals that can be just as irritating to your eyes as chlorine. Some are actually strong enough to strip the primary layer of plastic off of the goggles over time. Do you really want this near your eyes?

There are alternatives. One of the easiest and cost friendly alternatives is to use simple hand soap from a soap distributor as an anti-fog. The best hand soaps for this have no color or scent added to the solution. They can be easily stored in a gym bag next to your swim goggles.

To use the soap for an anti fog, simply put a small dab onto your fingers and rub a light covering over the outer eye area of the goggles. Water and fog will not be able to penetrate the surface. After swimming, you can simply rinse the goggles off. This is an easy and inexpensive anti-fog product that will keep your eyes safe.

The Quality of Essential Oils

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The quality of essential oil can vary so much between manufacturers. Some blends that are low quality are very low priced while others seem much more expensive. This is because higher quality oils are more pure and it takes much more time to create pure oil.

The purer an oil is, the more effective it will be for curing health ailments and working as aromatherapy oil. There is a significant number of sellers on the market calling their products essential oils that only contain a very small percentage of a single type of therapeutic oil. The other components in the mixture include animal and vegetable oil.

If a deal on this type of oil seems too good to be true, chances are it is. If you purchase an oil to use for natural healing or aromatherapy it will be ineffective if it is not of high quality. Low quality oils can still have a great scent and many are used for cleaning products, candles and room-sprays. These will not have the same effect as pure oils.

Synthetic and chemical components are also regularly added to low quality oil blends. These should be avoided, because unnatural products can be risky and harmful to our overall health. More importantly they will not act as a pure oil in creating calming and positive outcomes.

Meditation with Essential Oils

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Meditation is one of the most ancient techniques for relieving stress and healing naturally. Now, more than ever meditation practices can help to reduce stress. Todays world is full of technology and constantly changing environments off and online. It can be difficult for an everyday person to really relax. Meditation can help and essential oils are part of the process.

For centuries, different cultures have found that many oils have healing properties and therapeutic benefits. Different oils can be added to diffusers to create aromas that help with certain ailments and everyday stressors. The most popular and common oils used in massage are listed below:

Patchouli: Long known for its benefits for bringing inner peace to individuals, patchouli has an earthy scent.

Lavender: Lavender is especially useful when meditating at the end of a busy day. Its properties are calming and will help to create a good nights sleep after meditation.

Lemon: If you are down or feeling negative, lemon oil can be the cure. Lemon oil is great when used for morning meditation for a bright, positive pick me up.

Top 3 Cosmetics to Make an Impact

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Women these days have busy lives. Single women and mothers alike often times have limited time for themselves. Shopping for and applying wholesale cosmetics can be time consuming and a hassle. There are 3 cosmetics that can easily applied and used daily that will have a major impact on your skin and will help you to have a put together appearance, even with limited time.

  1. SPF Foundation: A foundation that is light in texture and includes an SPF of 15 or more will create a fresh look. A foundation can be applied quickly and will cover flaws and skin discoloration. The SPF will protect the skin from sun damage.

  1. Mascara: If you dont have time or the desire to apply eye shadow and eyeliner daily, mascara is the key. A light and quick swipe of dark brown mascara will help to open up your eyes and create a polished appearance.

  1. Tinted lip balm: Forget about lipstick that has to be applied over and over during the day, glossy lip polish that creates a sticky mess and long wear lip sticks that can dry out your lips. A tinted lip balm will keep your lips soft and add just a hint of color.