Flaky Skin Fixes

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 8/29/2015 to Private Label Skin Care
Do you have flaky skin? It can be quite the bother, making everything from applying makeup to achieving ideal product penetration that much harder. However, there is a way to help heal your flaky skin so you can have the soft, smooth and flake-free complexion you know you’re capable of. Contrary to popular belief, your skin does not have to be dry in order to be flaky. Many people have flaky skin that is actually oily by nature, while others have skin that is dry and also flakes.

DIY Home Cleaning Spray

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 8/25/2015 to Lifestyle
Are you a fan of DIY projects? We are! And while some people might think that DIY takes a lot of time and effort, the reality is that there are so many easy to make household and beauty essentials that take almost no time to make, and work just as well, if not better, than anything you could buy at the store or order online. One of those things is disinfecting spray. A household essential that many of us simply buy at the store, it’s just as easy to make at home with the added benefits of being non-toxic and aroma therapeutic.

Carrier Oils for Sun Protection

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 8/21/2015 to Oils
The sun is not your enemy. Your skin needs sunlight. However, it does not need so much sunlight that it ends up getting burned. And while making sure you cover up and even apply some natural sunscreen in order to prevent getting sunburned are good practices to have, there are also private label carrier oils you can use to help your skin stay protected from the sun. Though not exactly the same as putting on sunscreen, this is an important part of having healthy skin that knows how to better repair and protect itself. And best of all, you probably already have or use at least one of these oils.

Private Label Scar Soothers

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 8/17/2015 to Private Label Skin Care
Scars. We’ve all got them. Be they small or big, from childhood or in our recent past, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll get at least one of them in your lifetime. But even though they’re not exactly dangerous or cumbersome, they can be unappealing visually. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to smooth out and fade the appearance of scars, especially when they’re on your face from things like acne. And while you may never completely disappear your scars, you can lighten them significantly by consistently using specific and specialized private label skincare ingredients.

Should I Use A Clay or Gel Based Mask?

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 8/13/2015 to Private Label Skin Care
If you have your own private label skincare line then you’ve probably at least thought about adding a mask to your lineup. And if you are a private label skincare user, then you have probably done at least one facemask before in your life. And the question for each case always remains: should I use a clay or gel based mask? Both have their own unique properties, benefits and special things to consider when deciding which one to use on your own face, and in your own line.

Private Label Stretch Mark Fixes

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 8/9/2015 to Private Label Skin Care
Stretch marks are normal, and pretty much everyone has them. And while there’s nothing wrong with stretch marks, it’s completely normal to want to fade them, soften them, or prevent them from happening in the first place. A marker of healthy skin is its ability to stretch and return to its normal shape and size, and you can nourish and strengthen this natural elasticity by applying private label skincare ingredients that strengthen, soften and help with the natural adaptability of your skin.

Skincare For The Desert

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 8/5/2015 to Private Label Skin Care

Do you live in the desert? If you live in a dry climate your skin will have different private label skincare needs than if you lived in a more humid and moist climate. Even though everybody’s skin is different, if you live somewhere dry there are a few basic principles you can follow to help give your skin the specific care and nourishment it needs. Be it from plants that already grow and thrive there or specific and specialized private label skincare ingredients, your skin can still glow and radiate dewy youth, even in the desert.