The Magic of Fragrant Candles

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Candles that have essential oils in them can be heated to diffuse pleasant fragrances around the room. The aromatherapy can be dispersed through out the room to help with peace and tranquility. The aromatherapy can help with healing as well as lifting people emotionally. Here are some popular candle scents that are used with aromatherapy.

Ways Aromatherapy Can Improve Your Life

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When people hear the term aromatherapy people can think of a few different examples. Perhaps they picture fragrance that is diffused in the air through incense or a candle. Or perhaps they think of directly inhaling something up their nose, such as a natural medicine. Some people think of aromatherapy occurring during a massage.

Relieve Aches and Pains with Aromatherapy

Posted by Gravitate Master on 9/28/2010
Essential oils are great for helping relieve pain and ailments that people may be suffering from. Aromatherapy uses these oils through fragrance and air. A lot of aromatherapy products can be used in professional settings and at home.

Top Ways Aromatherapy Helps the Body

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Aromatherapy is an effective method to help with a lot of different things. It uses natural oils, which means less side effects than regular drugs would. Here are a few things that aromatherapy and essential oils aids with.

Beauty Tips For People on a Budget

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You dont have to empty your wallet in order to have beautiful hair or skin. You can easily stay beautiful while on a budget. Here are some things to try.

Get your hair trimmed every few months to avoid split ends and to keep it looking healthy. Sometimes you can find beauty salons that offer discounts for trims, and sometimes if you are a regular customer they offer bang and hair trims for free. Another good option is to go to a beauty school to get your hair done, since they charge half the price as a normal salon.

Buy wholesale cosmetics. Wholesale cosmetics come in bulk, but at a much cheaper price. If you know of people that want to go in on it with you, or know of someone selling wholesale cosmetics, you can split the merchandise up among you and you can have cheaper, good-quality cosmetic makeup.

Recommendations for Correcting Dry Skin

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The way you treat your skin often reflects on how it will appear. If you take the time to take care of it and hydrate it will look healthy and taken care of. If you neglect it and use harsh soaps on it, your skin will have harsh, dry skin.

Your skin has a purpose. It is the bodys largest organ that is there to protect the inside of your body. Skin does absorb things that are applied on it, however.

Dry skin happens a lot during the winter months. When the cold is outside there can be a decrease in moisture. When there is a low amount of humidity your skin will lose moisture as well.

Skin Care

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The wholesale cosmetics industry contains many products for the skin.  This is because the skin is the largest organ of the body.  Skin also varies from person to person.

Some individuals have eczema, dry, combination, or oily skin.  Each skin type needs a different formula of ingredients to meet its needs.  The best way to do this is through using natural ingredients.

Lotions and other wholesale cosmetics that use natural ingredients are better than those that use chemicals.  This is because the chemicals or synthetic ingredients can cause diverse negative effects on the skin.  Individuals can make their own lotions with natural ingredients or buy wholesale cosmetics that use natural ingredients.

Makeup For Men?

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Makeup for men? Is there such a thing? Your automatic thought would be that there isnt, but the actual answer may just surprise you.

Makeup for men has become more and more popular with each passing year. Men have need of cosmetics just as much as women do. The need for skin care products for men has grown a lot the past decade, and will continue to grow.

Men typically start their day off with a shower and a shave. It is important for men to use a shaving product and razor that is sensitive for their skin. Otherwise men will constantly have to deal with irritated skin and razor burn. If this is a daily occurrence it can become quite the hassle.

The Power of Mineral Makeup

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Do you get tired of makeup formulas on the market now that really do nothing for your skin?  They do tend to clog your pores and cause more than your fair share of breakouts.  Most makeup on the market today contains chemicals that are harmful to your skin and doing more damage than good.

Since the last thing women want are pimples and enlarged pores, many are making the switch to mineral based cosmetics.  Mineral based cosmetics are just what they sound like – cosmetics made up of natural minerals. Some of the most common natural minerals that can be found in this make up include zinc, iron oxide, ultramarine, and titanium oxide to name a few.

Lotion Containing Hemp

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Hemp is a great tool in aromatherapy.  It can be used in lotions to be very beneficial to the skin.  It also has lasting and positive effects on the skin.

Other lotions claim to be beneficial, but they might not be.  Certain ingredients that non-hemp lotions may have for color, texture, or scent may cause harmful effects on the skin over a period of time.  Some of these harmful chemicals are petroleum, mineral oil, and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Lotions containing hemp tend to be all natural and do not contain harmful ingredients that were previously mentioned.  So they exclude the harmful ingredients and add in the wonderful effects of hemp.  There is a reason why hemp is used so often in aromatherapy because of its wonderful effects.

Benefits of Soy

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There has been a lot of research done on the benefits and affects of soy.  Soy can do more than provide nutrients to the body.  The results of the research have had controversy because some say that soy is good and others do not.

Soy is obviously good for nutrients in the body.  It has also been stated as a natural way of reducing menopausal symptoms.  There are some who say that soy is negative because it is connected to breast cancer and other thyroid problems.

All good things must come in or be eaten in moderations.  This saying goes for soy as well.  Soy is a wonderful nutrient, but it must be used or ate in moderation or it can be harmful.

Smart Tips for Smart Wholesale Buyers

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When selling cosmetics and skin care products it can be important to find good wholesale cosmetic suppliers. To help you out with your search for wholesale cosmetic we've posted some handy tips. Enjoy.

Beautifying Skin with Pomegranate

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The cosmetic industry is focusing their wholesale cosmetics lines on anti-aging products.  They are doing this to meet the demand of women.  Women want to prevent and reduce their signs of aging on their skin.

Many wholesale cosmetics products from foundations to facial creams contain anti-aging ingredients.  Some of these anti-aging ingredients are chemicals.  There are natural ingredients that can help with anti-aging.

One of these natural anti-aging ingredients is pomegranate.  Pomegranate has several purposes and healing abilities one of these abilities is for the skin.  This is why pomegranate is gaining in popularity amongst women and cosmetic products.

Pumpkins Good for Skin

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Organic products are gaining in popularity with consumers.  There are so many products out in the world that are being produced organically to meet this demand.  One form of organic products is in the skin or beauty department.

 As organic products are rising so is anti-aging products.  Many wholesale cosmetics are incorporating more anti-aging ingredients into their products.  It is therefore wise to combine both the organic demand and the anti-aging demand.


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As people get older, they generally wish they were younger and looked younger.  Several products in the beauty and health industry are focusing on just that, getting younger.  These products are focusing more on anti-aging goal.


The skin becomes misshapen and saggy as individuals get older.  Many women want to prevent this from happening.  This is why several wholesale cosmetics are incorporating anti-aging factors into their moisturizers and foundations. 


One ingredient that is great for the skin is retinol.  Many people are not familiar with retinal because it is widely known by a different name.  The more popular name is Vitamin A.

Cosmetics and Cancer

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Research today finds many answers with all of the diverse technology.  The medical field researches diseases and illnesses and how the human race can prevent and cure them.  As research continues on, many things have been identified as things that cause or possibly cause various types of cancer. 


Some of these harmful substances are used in consumer products.  It is important for consumers to be aware of these items to protect themselves.  The more consumers are aware of the harmful substances the less likely companies are to use them.

Top List of Homemade Honey Beauty Products

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Soap making allows you to save money and make soap recipes so your beauty and skin products are the way that you like. Soap making can also ensure that your products are 100% organic. Soap making allows you to have homemade products with professional results. Below are some easy-to-make homemade honey beauty recipes.


1. Facial cleanser – Make your own facial cleanser by mixing honey with a little bit of milk powder. Apply the mixture on your face. This mixture works to clean your face. Rinse off with warm water.

Properties of a Body Scrub

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There seems to always be a huge variety of beauty products on the market. Most of these products boast that they are necessary to own if you really care about your skin, hair, body or beauty. While this may not necessarily be true, many beauty products can greatly improve your appearance.


A body scrub is one beauty product that can really improve the beauty and look of your skin. There are a few ways it does this. The main way is because it exfoliates your skin and gets rid of the dead skin layers that have built up on your skin.